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Female football fans are no longer sidelined

April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs Correspondent
Special to the Daily

They come in cotton-candy pink and powder blue. And they’re form-fit to accommodate the natural curves of a woman.

But this is no brassiere.

It’s the replica football jersey, and it’s not just for men anymore.

In the last few seasons, National Football League fashions for women have become especially “flattering to a woman’s physique,” according to NFLshop.com. An online search shows women’s apparel ranges from fitted fleece hoodies with hand-warming pockets to cashmere scarves with a team’s logo in sparkly crystals.

For female Denver Broncos fans, an embroidered Champ Bailey jersey is available in powder blue with a gradient screen-printed No. 24. The Broncos horse-head logo is also emblazoned on everything from pink panties to a rhinestone-studded, faux-alligator watch.

“That’s all come about because marketing people have become aware of the socioeconomic power of women and how many women are watching football,” said Ivette Ricco, president of Femmefan.com, the online magazine for the “female sports junkie.” “They realized women are making the family decisions when it comes to season tickets and apparel.”

Ricco said she has seen surveys that report 43-45 percent of football fans are females. In 2005, About.com reported on an NFL study which found 375,000 women attend professional football games and more than 45 million women watch NFL games each weekend.

“Women have become so well informed about football and the game,” Ricco said. “That’s only going to get better.”

Ricco, an avid San Francisco 49ers fan, created Femmefan.com in 2000 to help give voice to female football fans across the country. The Web site ” which averaged 2.3 million hits in 2006 and 100,000 unique page views per month ” features “Football 101,” including pigskin history and the meanings of referees’ calls. The Food Bowl page offers tailgating and Sunday game-day recipes. The site’s message board provides an arena to sound off on players, coaches, scandals, steroids and any other hot football topic.

“Football to me is exciting,” Ricco said. “The site is still very well read and received.”


Femme football funnies

Ivette Ricco, president of Femmefan.com, the online magazine for the “female sports junkie,” offers her ideas on “If chicks ran the NFL.” She says women would have:

” “Chippendale dancers as cheerleaders and half-time entertainment. Enough already with those Barbie dolls gyrating in their scanty outfits,” she says. “We could all do without those silly dogs chasing Frisbees all over the field. Give us some buffed guys in shorts and tank tops dancing to “Macho Man.'”

” “… Blended margaritas featuring the flavor of the day,” she says. “They’ll help us swallow those shingles with Cheez-Whiz they call nachos.”

” “Baby-sitting services at every stadium in the U.S. where you can drop off the rug rats while you sit back and enjoy the game.”

” “Team apparel that fits us and isn’t made for men who are 6’2″ and weigh in at 330 pounds.”

” Source: http://www.femmefan.com


Looking for some football apparel? Check out these web sites to buy some of the gear pictured here.






Pigskin purses perfect for the big game

Staff Report

ST. PAUL, Minn. ” This is one ball you don’t want to fumble.

Red24, which designs whimsical handbags and accessories for enthusiastic sports fans, offers purses shaped as footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, etc.

Designed to be fun-yet-functional conversation pieces, the bags allow fashionable football fans the chance to show their true team colors.

“We all know avid sports fans who just love to dress from head-to-toe in gear that supports their favorite teams,” said Red24 founder, Pat Pearson, in a press statement. “Our handbags are conversation pieces and are bound to get you noticed. They are kitschy but at the same time classy. When asking the question, ‘What do I wear to the big game?’ Our bags, along with matching scarves, jewelry and belts, offer a more feminine choice in team fan apparel.”

The Red24 concept has been in the works for more than two years, beginning as a gift idea for Pearson’s sports-minded daughter, Kate. All purses are designed in America and crafted from high-quality leather.

The handbags, in a variety of colors, are available at http://www.red24bags.com.


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