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Few VCHS girls graduating

Cindy Ramunno

Vail Christian High School is growing at alarming rate. Just last year, there weren’t even 10 seniors graduating from the school. Twenty-four students will get their diplomas from Vail Christian this month. But you won’t see many young women ” only 6 females make up 2004’s senior class. It’s an oddity for the school, since all other classes are equally proportioned with boys and girls.

One of those girls will be walking with her class, but has actually been gone since graduating early last December. Megan Barry attended Colorado Christian College this semester and she will be playing volleyball for the college this fall.

So that leaves five ” a small number in a swarm of boys whose strong personalities and heavy school involvement take up about 80 percent of the class’s population at the school. Staff members at the school say it hasn’t been a problem ” the girls have strong personalities, too, and are also not afraid to express their opinions. Krista Fox, Brooke Horan-Kates, Caitlin Rapson, Samantha Shelton and Brittany Wright are the young women you’ll see getting their diploma with college friend Barry this month. All agree that while there were some disadvantages to having a small number of females in the class, there were advantages as well.

Horan-Kates and Rapson say that many of their good friends were boys, so it was natural to have the class numbers the way they were. Also, as Fox pointed out, if you happened to be a female in the class and were somewhat shy around guys, you were forced to get over it. “You had no choice but to talk to the boys and get comfortable with that,” Fox explains.

Shelton and Wright did mention, however, that if there was a fight between two girls, there weren’t many options of who to go to for comfort. “But there are a lot less catfights between girls,” Wright adds. Fox agreed that the situation made the girls a lot closer friends with each other. Fox, Rapson and Wright all have older sisters and know how important that ‘girl relationship’ is. Horan-Kates and Shelton have brothers, which probably helps them be more comfortable around their male classmates.

All will have great memories of their time at Vail Christian and all are looking forward to their futures. Fox will be attending Colorado Mountain College for her first two years; Horan-Kates will be in Boulder at the University of Colorado studying biology; Rapson will be snowboarding and attending college; Wright will also be at college; and Shelton will be at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley for two years and then off to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in fashion design. “My parents’ advice was to take two years of business before starting fashion design,” explains Shelton.

Shelton’s parents were the only ones with sound advice for their seniors. Fox and Wright say that their parents always encouraged them to do their very best. “That way, there are no regrets,” adds Wright. Horan-Kates says that she’s glad she took her parents advice about looking for colleges and applying early. “By doing that, I eliminated a lot of stress at the end of this year,” says Horan-Kates. Rapson said that she’s been hearing her parents’ simple advice a lot lately ” “Take a shower,” laughs Rapson.

Staff members at Vail Christian are confident that the girls will succeed in their futures. Teacher Bob Isbell says that initially when they looked at the numbers of the class of 2004, the low number of girls was a concern. That changed, however, when they looked at the list of ‘female’ names. Isbell adds, “It was very evident that the ladies in this class were very strong ” the guys made it easy and so did the ladies didn’t see much disadvantage. They all worked very well together as a class.” Congratulations, girls!

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