Fight bulk with these layering tips in Eagle County |

Fight bulk with these layering tips in Eagle County

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
AE Layers PU 11-27-07

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” With temperatures set to dive into the single digits this week, bundling up will come as a compulsion.

Layering clothing has long been a stylish way to combat goosebumps during the ski seasons but it’s important to know when to stop.

“If you look like you’ve gained weight, it’s too many layers,” explained Jenn Bruno, owner of Vail boutiques Due and Luca Bruno Italy.

Follow these tips to learn the difference between pairing shirts and piling them, and never be confused with an Oompah Loompah again.

Done properly, layering can downplay unsightly parts of your physique.

“It can cover up a multitude of sins,” explained Susanne Apostol, owner of Passages clothing store in Lionshead.

For instance, layering can disguise a larger bottom or give a shorter person height by adding length to the torso, she said.

Along with creating illusions, pairing can revive wardrobe staples that have gone out of season or bucked the long shirt trend.

Placing a long-sleeve shirt underneath a stylish tank top allows the wearer to get more mileage out of the tank without freezing, said Carla Lewis, owner of Charm School Boutique and Charm School Boutique Little Sister in Vail.

Also key, a well-placed tank top can close any unattractive gaps between the bottom of a short sweater and the waist of the jeans.

“So when you bend over, you don’t surprise your neighbor,” Bruno said.

Aside from the fashion benefits, layering is useful for people who enter and exit buildings all day and wind up ping-ponging between different temperatures, fashionistas say. The properly layered can strip down inside heated offices or restaurants yet bundle up in a flash to hit the streets.

For basic layering help, buy thin tank tops in black, white and one “fun color,” Bruno suggests. Wear them under cashmere or wool sweaters to reduce the itch factor and add a splash of color, she said.

“I also like the layers coming out at the bottom, peeking out,” she said. “That’s where the Earth tones come in handy ” browns, greens ” working with winter white.”

Although a tinge of color is good, never go overboard with hues. Choose one strong shade, then mute it with plain layers, Bruno said. For instance, temper a red sweater with tan or brown shirts underneath, she said.

Lewis with Charm School Boutique suggests layering with complimentary colors in contrasting patterns ” like stripes and prints in matching colors.

“You can have a lot of fun with colors and patterns but you don’t want them to clash,” she said.

Like clashing, bulk can sabotage even a carefully tiered outfit. Never stack a thin top over thick knitwear, Lewis said. In other words, avoid placing a puffy sweater under a cropped jacket “so it looks like you’re bursting out of the cropped jacket,” she said.

Bruno said thin cotton shirts work better than wool for stacking, adding she swears by tops from California-based designer James Perse.

If leggings come into play, layering can work well on top, but avoid accumulating too much bulk, Bruno said.

“The main thing with leggings is not to create such a top-heavy situation that you tip over,” she said.

Once the bulk is contained, consider length. Lewis suggests pairing long and short shirts, like a long tank top with a short cardigan or a long sweater with a cropped jacket, to create the illusion of a tapered torso.

“I think you have to make a distinction between the long top with the short top over it and not just have two tops that are an inch apart,” she said. “You really have to say, ‘One is long and one is short’ and you thought about doing that. Not something that is rolling up and not working.”

To make any outfit work, garnish with a versatile outer layer like a leather jacket, Apostol said.

“That’s where you see the quality. You can get away with a cheaper top underneath, but not the other way around.”

By following these tips on layering, it’s possible to achieve a relaxed, tapered look without starting rumors that you might be pregnant.

“Layering is about casually looking great,” Bruno said. “You’re not going to go to a big event layered, but I think casual chic is where fashion is doing really well right now.”

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