Fight globally, teach locally: World UFC champion Duane Ludwig brings training techniques to Vail Valley’s Inyodo Martial Arts |

Fight globally, teach locally: World UFC champion Duane Ludwig brings training techniques to Vail Valley’s Inyodo Martial Arts

Two-time mixed martial arts world champion Duane Ludwig brought his training techniques to Inyodo Martial Arts in Edwards for some training sessions.
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For information about Inyodo Martial Arts, go to stop by the gym at 439 Edwards Access. Rd. North Edwards CO. 81632, call 970-569-3083, or email

EDWARDS — Duane “Bang” Ludwig has a couple world titles as a mixed martial arts fighter, a couple more as a trainer and numerous athletes from his gyms have won titles.

Among Ludwig’s many wins is the fastest knockout in UFC history, 6:06 seconds against Jonathan Goulet in UFC Fight Night 3. He was one of the top lightweights for years.

These days he runs Ludwig Martial Arts in Westminster.

Sometimes the unenlightened among us ask him to break a piano or something.

“Yes, I still get some of that,” he said, grinning.

Inyodo Martial Arts lessons

So when he came to Inyodo Martial Arts in Edwards to run some training sessions, students paid attention. The lessons were not complex, he focused on fundamentals, making sure students did things right, and understood that everything led to everything else, and doing things correctly along the way leads to success in the martial arts, and the rest of life.

“It’s my obligation and duty to pay it back and pay it forward,” Ludwig said. “That’s what I’m doing with the seminars, traveling the world teaching and sharing.”

Bobcat Smith owns and runs Inyodo Martial Arts, and invited Ludwig to conduct the training sessions.

“These seminars are important because they give me purpose of passion, to share the correct martial arts methods tested across the world,” Ludwig said. “I’ve reached the point where I understand martial arts pretty well, and I feel obligated to teach it. That’s my drive. That’s my passion.”

Ludwig was voted Coach of the Year two straight years — 2013 and 2014 — and was head coach for Sacramento, California’s Team Alpha Male, home to many highly ranked mixed martial artists. They won MMA Gym of the Year in 2013.

Ludwig and his family — wife Jessica, daughter Jade, sons Duane Jr. and Carter Bas — migrated to Colorado to open Ludwig Martial Arts.

He started like many others, watching martial arts fighters in movies.

“I was always fascinated with the martial arts, since I was a kid watching Bruce Lee movies, ‘Blood Sport,’ ‘The Karate Kid,’” Ludwig said.

Inspiration is where you find it.

“Even the Ninja Turtles,” Ludwig said, smiling.

It should surprise no one that Ludwig’s two young sons were with him in Inyodo, playing and working, living life at the speed of fun.

For the Inyodo sessions, Tony Valdez came with Ludwig, one of his longest tenured students.

“The path was learning it, and the next step was the practical application, in a safe and respectful manner,” Ludwig said.

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