Fighting against Eagle project |

Fighting against Eagle project

Jan Rosenthal Townsend
Eagle, CO, Colorado

For clarification to John Cortez, the mailer the Citizens for the Future of Eagle sent said, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” We didn’t say people are outraged, but we believe most are and for sure, most people aren’t paying attention.

“Several people” that you talked to is not a majority. There is a counter citizens group called Eye on Eagle. Any group, person or even Trinity/RED Development has the prerogative to send whatever they want in the mail. Trinity/RED sent out several newsletters in the past ” all hype, in our eyes, and their verbiage stated, “RED is in the business of creating towns.” We agree with that statement. ERS would indeed create another town. Belief isn’t fact. For sure, we all have selfish reasons for being for or against ERS, which is fine, but logic should prevail and all the letters of late in rebuttal to your article give very valid and statistic-based reasons for the illogic of ERS. We have had a firm phone polling asking the “yes or no” to ERS question and the results were resoundingly no. The 500-plus signatures we have are a result of a previous mailer. That, in itself, is a straw poll. However, in a referendum, you never know who would vote and how many would go to the polls.

To us, voting no is no-brainer, but many people are unfortunately “not paying attention” and are very uninformed.

Due to TABOR law, your property taxes won’t be able to go up much more. Plus, we have some of the lowest property taxes in the nation. I am one of the business owners who pay triple taxes due to owning commercial property in town. Still I’d rather see my taxes go up than my hometown ruined. Others agree.

1. ERS would blend in? ERS would be another town of Eagle due to its sheer size. How does 100 acres of 42- to 62-foot buildings and 2,500 parking spaces in an existing pasture “blend in”?

2. “ERS helping Eagle/Eagle Ranch retail businesses” is a ludicrous statement. Please take a field trip. Ask various retailers/restaurant owners how they are doing. Several of our better restaurants are considering closing soon, a very sad thing. Many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open all over Eagle County.

4. How would ERS rejuvenate Grand Avenue? Why would investors consider Grand Avenue when a behemoth is lurking down the road?

5. You are in the total minority reagarding an east Eagle interchange. The CDOT study of 2006 confirms that most want an interchange in west Eagle and/or the airport. So do conclusions from the EACP open houses.

6. RED cannot guarantee you will get what you want. There is no guarantee that any retailers will come or that RED won’t flip the project. We at the CFE don’t necessarily think that every category of store is covered here in Eagle. But we didn’t move here to shop and most of us are OK with driving down the road. Leakage or not. Just so you are aware of more “facts,” the town of Eagle has had several opportunities to cost share and revenue share with Gypsum (like with Costco), but the town has not been amenable to talking further with Gypsum. Our town manager has failed to negotiate for future agreements .

You didn’t even begin to address the real meat of the issue, which was that the town Planning and Zoning Commission denied ERS twice. You said nothing about this. The relevance is that they are professionals and their decision should be respected and upheld. And what about all the national statistics about malls and retailers going bankrupt? What about the 1,888 employees that are needed?

Most importantly, you didn’t address our important mention about us “non-residents” having a voice. Perhaps, you now agree that we “non-voters” that live and work here should indeed be able to direct a major decision that affects us all?

Jan Rosenthal Townsend

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