Fighting for free cookies in Beaver Creek |

Fighting for free cookies in Beaver Creek

Charlie Owencowen@vaildaily.comBeaver Creek CO, Colorado
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BEAVER CREEK, CO Picture the first battle scene in Braveheart, the one where William Wallace leads his charging army of Scottish rebels across a field to attack the English army. Except for the swords, thats a pretty good description of what happens when the cowbell signals the start of Beaver Creeks annual chocolate chip cookie competition. When youre told to get there early because the cookies will be gone in 10 minutes believe it. Prepare to push and shove and use your elbows. It doesnt take long for 5,000 free cookies to disappear, and if you want one, you cant afford to be nice about it.The contest was held Wednesday near the skating rink in the Beaver Creek Plaza. The event officially kicked off at 2 p.m. By 2:10 p.m. every last cookie had been devoured by hungry men, women and children eager to know what a possible award-winning cookie tastes like.

Minturn resident Scotty Moises came out to Beaver Creek for two reasons today: To ski and to eat free cookies. His daughter, 14-year-old Maise, could care less about the skiing. They stood in line to sample Wini Gentholts’ One-Bite Wonders 10 minutes before the competition even began. When Maise finally got to try one, she was impressed.Its really, really, really good. I like chocolate chips, she said.Theres a little less butterscotch than I thought there would be, Scotty said.He seemed confident hed choose Winis cookie as the winner, that is until he tried the next cookie Sarah Cochrans coffee-flavored cookie.I think I like that one better, he said. I like the coffee flavor. I can eat those for breakfast.The pair moved through the thick, unforgiving crowd from booth to booth and after trying them all, Scotty decided to vote for Michele Pirozzis Serendipity cookie. Maise said she was sticking with Gentholts’ Wonders.

And in true democratic fashion, event officials spent about half an hour counting each vote. Shortly after 3 p.m. Michele Pirozzi was crowned the winner. Her cookie recipe will become Beaver Creeks official recipe for 2009. She also scored a $1,000 Visa gift card. Im so happy to be here, said Pirozzi, who was a finalist last year as well. She called her win the culmination of all her hard work.She believes the reason her cookie stood out was the organic, high-quality ingredients she used.Its worth always putting a little bit more into it because you get the best results, Pirozzi said.It may be hard to believe that cookies can be such serious business, but according to Katie Tille, cookie contest coordinator, it gets more popular every year.Its an extreme playing field every year… after being involved with this you kind of really see a different side to baking. People really get into it, Tille said. -High Life writer Charlie Owen can be reached at 970-748-2939 or

1st place: Michele Pirozzi2nd place: Sarah Cochran3rd place: Sarah Kornfield4th place: Wini Gentholts5th place: Maurene Beamer

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