Fighting for that miracle |

Fighting for that miracle

Don Rogers
Vail CO, Colorado

Here’s to Stone Creek charter school’s parents taking action to save their school.

Major donations. Organizing fundraisers. Trying to convince creditors to give them more time to meet the school’s obligations. These are major efforts, and we applaud them.

No, we don’t believe for a second that financial management apparently by shoebox, missed payments and lost paperwork is at all “typical,” or otherwise OK, as the school’s charter association spin doctor tries to portray with a shrug.

Clearly, this school is in serious trouble.

But just as clearly, a cadre of parents is fighting hard for their school. We do hope they can pay their mortgage, make their operating expenses, find their missing receipts, repay the state, get through the year and buy more time to survive.

Let’s recognize the odds are long, but also that the parents and the new leadership of the school are working hard to achieve the miracle.

Voting the pied piper who started that school, but also brought on the crisis, off the board was a good start. So was reporting financial discrepancies to the authorities for criminal investigation. Both these hard steps were essential for the school having a chance of getting its house in order.

Now, the new board needs a few copies of Robert’s Rules of Order and some instruction on a public entity’s responsibility to the public, and, ahem, to the press with regard to public records.

We might also counsel a turn from the truculence and arrogance displayed in the past as the school started up. No one owes Stone Creek any special favors, and snobby comments about how much better the education is at a brand new, untested school are frankly inappropriate.

Put a sock on the talk, roll up those sleeves, and let’s all pray for your miracle.


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