Figures add up to boom |

Figures add up to boom

Don Rogers

The shopping boom is on. That’s pretty much the only conclusion that can be reached from a look at Eagle County’s chart of sales tax collections on its 1.5 percent tax through September.It’s not so much the amounts the county has collected as the percentage increase over 2004, which was hardly a shabby year in its own right at the cash register.But an 11.58 percent increase overall from last year? Ka-ching. Business is very good indeed. Eagle, with a 25.16 percent increase, and Gypsum, with a 36.75 percent gain, show the downvalley communities are really picking up.Red Cliff’s contributions to sales tax revenue increased by a whopping 90.18 percent over 2004, but the dollar gain was next to nuthin’ – $6,659 more sales tax revenue.Good thing, though, because Minturn has been the one loser of the bunch, falling 5 percent behind last year.Avon’s contribution rose 18.24 percent for the county, and doesn’t the town miss giving Magnus Lindholm their big box returns for 26 years unless the debt building them is paid off sooner?Even Vail, enduring all that real live construction renaissance, is plowing forward at a 4.06 percent clip ahead of last year.Of the categories, only “unincorporated” Eagle County deliv- ers more to the county coffers than Vail proper. And that is largely Edwards. These two communities account for better than 60 percent of the county’s total take. Vail, Colorado

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