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Film Schedule

“Clark, The Canadian Hockey Goalie” (hockey)

“Daughters of Everest” (expedition/culture)

“Xtreme Tramping” (adventure/humor)

“I Need to Catch a Fish” (human interest)

“Adios” (culture)

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“Falling” (kayaking)

“Psicobloc” (climbing)

“Papa Bear” (wildlife)

“Diary of a Flagger” (human interest)

“I Sona Su La Torns” (climbing/culture)

“Out of Ophrica” (scenics/avalanche)

“The Monkey Prince” (wildlife)

“Middle Kaweah” (kayaking)

“L’Esprit De La Coupe Icare” (paragliding/culture)

“The Great Hopkins Rescue” (climbing/adventure)

“Alone Across Australia” (base jumping)

“Wild For Good” (conservation)

“Mine Cine Tupy” (culture)

“Soliochairliftquist” (skiing/human interest)

“American Made” (culture)

“The Hatch” (fly fishing)

“African Fly By” (base jumping)

“Pororoca” (surfing)

“Front Porch” (nature/Telluride)

“The Magic Knot” (climbing/culture)

“He Dances For His Cormorants” (wildlife)

“Racer #9” (skiing)

“Ancient Marks” (culture/body art)

“Time for a New God” (human interest)

“Le Cheval 2.1” (humor)

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