Fina Dupa dishes funk in Denver |

Fina Dupa dishes funk in Denver

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Give It Back, Self-produced3 1/2 stars of 5So many Colorado bands pump out the same style of music that its easy to overlook most of them, assuming the worst. After all, how many more Grateful Dead wanna-bes does the world really need?Fina Dupa (pronounced Fine-ah Doo-pah) shatters the mold of what we expect from such bands and proves that the Centennial State spawns more than bluegrass.OK, so theyre from Denver, not the mountains, but who cares?Their second full-length album, Give It Back, is far more fun than the latest flavor of jam band without sacrificing any of the musical integrity.Give It Back sounds like the best of both worlds actually, possibly the love-child of Jamiroquai and Wide Spread Panic. Its dancy, catchy, and original; and it avoids the mudslide into dullness that has become so common on albums.A simple four-piece at the core, Fina Dupa invited a few guests to fill out the instrumentation that includes the organ and horns. The result is a funky, disco-rock album thats easy to groove with. In an industry where originality is a rare commodity, its refreshing to hear some local boys getting it right. Give It Back is a fun romp through many genres, but it sounds completely unique, defining Fina Dupas sound.Essential track: Crisis. Charlie Owen, High Life Writer

Hey Venus, Rough Trade4 stars of 5From eerie 1950s teen love gone awry to the early days of punk, Hey Venus covers nostalgia from one corner of American pop music to the next which is interesting coming from Super Furry Animals, a Welsh band that has spent the past decade reinterpreting and redefining everything modern radio has had to offer.What the band does well here, and what it has done well all along, is to bring any subtly these genres had in their original incarnations right to the surface.Instead of trying to make a sappy, sock-hop ballad (in a sort of Leader of the Pack tradition) sound romantic, this band makes them sound appropriately tragic as on Run Away, with lines like, Run away, thats what I did today Cry a little, lie a little, die just a little.Super Furry Animals deft ability to recreate with as much irony and unbridled pop bliss as it feels necessary has made it an easy group for rock and pop fans everywhere to admire. Margaret Hair, Steamboat Pilot & Today

Rip It Off, Matador Records3 stars of 5To catch anything Times New Viking is saying honestly, to catch anything at all, including a tune you have to listen carefully, beyond the low-recording-quality-produced distortion the bands put on every track of its Matador Records debut. Rip It Off is a collection of brief, youthful thoughts in ultimate lo-fi, where the goal is more to create an atmosphere than to create memorable songs. There isnt much to it, and without full attention these short anthems blur together.There are moments where Times New Viking is clearly conscious of what its doing (Lets do something that hasnt been done yet). And those moments suggest a pop-minded defiance that is worth the extra effort to try and pin down. Margaret Hair, Steamboat Pilot & Today

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