Final settlement reached in Village at Avon lawsuit

AVON — The town of Avon, the Traer Creek Metropolitan District and Traer Creek LLC said Friday that all terms have been completed for the settlement of the Village at Avon lawsuit. The final actions were closed Friday.

The final settlement essentially accomplishes the following:

• It allows development of all land within the village to continue.

• The Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority lifts its moratorium on water service for new development in the village and a 2 million gallon water storage tank is being constructed by Traer Creek LLC to serve the village and provide fire protection water for Avon and the rest of the valley.

“The Village at Avon, as it develops, will bring jobs, new housing opportunities and commercial activity,” said Mayor Rich Carroll.

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Carroll said the additional fees received by the town will help defray the cost of services to the development.

‘Creating a Unified System’

“The town will benefit from the ownership of roads and adjoining improvements in the Village at Avon in terms of creating a unified system of maintenance and service,” Carroll said. “Avon looks forward to implementing these changes.”

“We are pleased to have concluded and finally implemented the settlement and look forward to continuing to work together with Avon in building a community we can all be proud of,” said Traer Creek LLC active principals Marcus and Michael Lindholm.

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