Find the perfect costume, Eagle County |

Find the perfect costume, Eagle County

Charlie Owen
VAIL CO, Colorado
NWS Halloween Costumes DT 10-10-11

It’s something we all aspire to every year: the perfect costume. The problem is it’s easy to be lazy, unimaginative and cheap. It doesn’t matter how badly you want to be a Klingon warrior from Star Trek or Spider Man if you don’t plan ahead and make it happen. Besides, if you want to win any costume contests this year, you’re going to have to put some thought into it.

“My advice would be to get here early,” said Marian Salazar, owner of Party Central in Avon. “They come so late that they end up ordering something and it’s 40 or 50 bucks just to get it here or they’ll just kind of accessorize with the stuff I already have here. It’s best just to get in and start putting your costume together now … but time is running out.”

As far as hot costumes go this year, Salazar said that a lot of the usual always do well, things like zombies, vampires, movie stars and sexy costumes for women. But, she also pointed out that there are a few standouts this year that will be very popular.

1. The big one this Halloween is probably going to be Charlie Sheen, former star of “Two and a Half Men” and all-around bad-boy icon.

2. Lady Gaga, the pop music sensation, is another big one. You can pretty much wear anything with big glasses and a wig and call yourself Lady Gaga which makes it easy to accessorize and be creative.

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3. Jack Sparrow. Pirates are fun and pretty easy to pull off. If you happen to be drunk on Halloween, the trademark Sparrow slur won’t be hard to do, either. “Pirates are always popular,” Salazar said. “It’s always a good style.”

4. Snookie. The trash talking, hair pulling bad girl of Jersey Shore is sure to be popular this year according to Salazar. And you can wear as much makeup as you want and still not look as bad as the real thing.

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