Finds from the Vine: An Alsace-region wine find |

Finds from the Vine: An Alsace-region wine find

Jarrett Osbornnewsroom@vaildaily.comVail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

The Alsace region in northeast France has changed hands numerous times throughout history, from France to Germany and back again. Thus, many families in this French region have German names. So one of the top producers is named Zind-Humbrecht, decidedly Teutonic sounding. But their wines are a lovely combination of French elegance and body, and German crispness and freshness. The 2006 Zind-Humbrecht Pinot dAlsace is a blend of 70 percent Auxerrois and 30 percent Pinot Blanc, both crisp white grapes. The Auxerrois shows smooth lemon and pineapple aromas and flavors, with a rich, almost silky texture. The Pinot Blanc brings the crisp acidity to the table, along with grapefruit and mineral characteristics. The wine is perfect for lightly spicy Asian food, oysters and light seafood. Also try the Pinot dAlsace with brie or camembert for a lovely treat. The Humbrechts have been farming grapes in Alsace since 1620. In 1959 (yes, we just skipped almost 300 years of history), Leonard Humbrecht married Genevieve Zind, thus the current name of the winery. Their son, Olivier, is now the president of the winery, and is a staunch supporter of biodynamic farming practices. Olivier is also the winemaker. He ferments and ages the Pinot dAlsace in small French oak barrels, but older ones, so no oak flavors hit the wine. Only the richness and light buttery note are highlighted by this process.The 2006 Zind-Humbrecht Pinot dAlsace is $26.Jarrett Osborn is the wine buyer at Riverwalk Wine & Spirits in Edwards.

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