Finishing your fall gardening |

Finishing your fall gardening

Michelle Hayes - HAYES mortgage group

Even though the days are growing cooler and shorter, your home’s landscape still needs attention before winter arrives. A little extra effort now can deliver beautiful results next spring.

– Enlist the whole family’s help in planting spring bulbs like lilies, tulips and daffodils. To get the most colorful impact, pick a sunny location to plant several dozen bulbs in drifts.

– Remove dead branches from trees and shrubs to help eliminate a breeding ground for insects and disease.

– Prevent the return of crawling pests next spring by tilling your garden just before the ground freezes.

– Protect saplings and trees from lawn mower scars, insects and early frosts by using self gripping tree wraps.

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– Mulch or cover rose bushes and stake trees securely to guard against strong winter winds.

– Spend the colder months stocking up on inspiration and how-to tips with the help of garden catalogs and magazines.

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