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Fire ban?

Tom Boyd

Treated myself to a smorgasbord of beauty last night. Like a feast, really. Warmed up with an hors d’ oeuvre of a drive through the Wildridge neighborhood, above Avon on the south side. Drove past Ryan and Trista’s house – a friend of mine is building a home next door – and was generally impressed with the neighboorhood. People seem to do an excellent job treating their homes and lawns like little works of art up there, and there is the sense that, unlike other parts of the valley, people in Wildridge live in their houses year-round.

Anyway, my meal of vistas continued with a quick 4×4 journey up even higher toward Red and White mountain. We found a pristine little meadow, bordered by white pines to the south and a long, sloping field to the north.

I gorged myself on views of Grouse Mountain, Beaver Creek, the bald spot, and the entire New York Range. Game Creek bowl was in the distance.

After our little group had soaked in the beauty for a bit (I never get sick of that little endeavor), a friend asked if I thought there’d be a fire ban this year.

Now way, I told him, Joe Hoy won’t do that to us.

Joe, the sheriff, has extinguished many a good camping night over the past few years with his fire bans.

Yes, I’m aware of the reasons, drought and such.

Always bothers me, however, when fire is stolen away from man kind.

Wasn’t it Prometheus, in the first place, who worked so hard to steal fire on our behalf all those mythological centuries ago?

Isn’t it our most primal right to gaze into the flames of a good ol’ fashioned camp fire? At some point all of us (or all of us who have camped, anyway), have meditated on the flickering flames of the campfire and sensed, somewhere in that sulfurous blaze, an ethereal bond with our most ancient of ancestors.

If people are too idiotic to manage a small campfire, then I suppose that’s a sign that humanity has totally lost it’s pride.

Fortunately, it’s been a wet year – so hopefully Mr. Hoy won’t team up with Smokey the Bonehead and deny us of our fiery rights anytime soon.

What do you think?

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