Fire restrictions removed in Eagle County |

Fire restrictions removed in Eagle County

Eagle County Sheriff Joseph Hoy, in conjunction with the area fire chiefs, has removed restrictions on open burning on all non-federal lands in Eagle County beginning at 12:01 a.m., Thursday August 17,2006.

Sheriff Hoy instituted fire restrictions on June 16, 2005 due to dry conditions and high fire danger. With the recent wet weather the fire danger has lowered significantly

Although fire restrictions have been removed, officials would like to urge extreme aution to those who wish to conduct open burning.

Authorities would like to remind users that there is still a large amount of fire fuel available and daytime temperatures may still reach the mid-80s. To ensure that you are not the cause of an escaped fire, use the following tips: douse campfires with water, stir and douse again.

The fire area should be cold to the touch before it is abandoned. Large fires should be allowed to burn down when high winds are present. Use common sense when igniting a fire. Use a fire pit or fire ring to contain your burn.

Colorado Air Pollution Control laws are regulated by the Colorado Department of Health. These laws prohibit open burning in certain situations unless a permit has been obtained from the appropriate pollution control authority.

For assistance in obtaining open burning permits please call the Eagle County Wildfire Mitigation Specialist at (970) 328-8742.

Not all open burning requires you to obtain a permit, however, the safety and environmental guidelines in the permits are recommended to anyone who anticipates starting an open fire.

With or without a permit, failure to comply with this guideline could result in criminal and/or civil charges.

Some of the guidelines include:

– No burning will be done when there is high or erratic wind

– At no time should a bum be left unattended

– The permit is in compliance with state laws and is not meant to violate local laws and regulations regarding fire

– NotifY your local fire authority of your intentions to bum Permits are evaluated on an individual basis and are generally denied if a practical, alternative method of disposal exists.

Please feel free to contact the Wildfire Mitigation Specialist or your local fire authority with questions regarding the use of fire.

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