Firearms expert says Walker shot from 5 to 6 feet away |

Firearms expert says Walker shot from 5 to 6 feet away

Erica Meltzer
Camera Staff Writer
Vail, CO Colorado
Todd Walker

BOULDER, Colorado – The muzzle of the gun that killed Todd Walker was between 5 and 6 feet away from him when it was fired, a Colorado Bureau of Investigation firearms expert testified Friday at the murder trial of Kevin McGregor.

The information is significant because McGregor disputes the story told by Elizabeth Roach, Walker’s friend, that he tried to rob her at gunpoint and shot Walker when he intervened.

McGregor’s defense attorneys say he drew and fired the handgun in the air because he was scared of Walker after being confronted about whistling at Roach as the friends walked home early on the morning of March 18. They say Walker then grabbed for the gun, and in the struggle, it went off.

Walker, 20, a native of Edwards and a football player at the University of New Hampshire, was visiting friends in Boulder during his spring break when he was fatally shot at the corner of 10th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue on University Hill.

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