Firefighters fight for cancer treatment |

Firefighters fight for cancer treatment

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AVON – Inspired by the death of Rachele Waters-VanderLinden, a firefighter’s wife, fire crews in Avon recently washed cars to raise money for children with cancer. On July 2, resident firefighters from the Eagle River Fire Protection District Resident raised funds for Locks, an organization that use donated hair to make hairpieces for ill children who are under 18. Last year, the crews raised $1,200 and this year, they collected $1,550, said Molly McPoil, a resident firefighter. Many children who receive hairpieces from Locks of Love are financially disadvantaged, and most of them suffer a condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure, McPoil said. “These hairpieces help children return to a normal lifestyle and aid in restoring their self-esteem, which in turn gives them the courage to face the world and their peers,” she said.Rachele Waters-VanderLinden, who was 26, died of cancer in April. Every year, Eagle River Fire’s residents hold a fund-raiser. Fifty percent of the proceeds pay for the residents education, training and medical costs, and the other half is donated to charity. “Rachele was saddened at the fact that she was facing the loss of her own hair and could only imagine how a child would feel without theirs,” McPoil said. “Rachele made it well known that she was set on donating her hair to Locks of Love and before she passed away.”For more information, call Molly McPoil at 748-4757 or Nick Kokias at 748-4752.Vail, Colorado

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