Firefighters pick favorites for Eagle County |

Firefighters pick favorites for Eagle County

Todd Marty
Vail, CO, Colorado

Election season 2008, possibly one of the most important and most defining in our lifetime, is almost done. No matter who will be elected, change is sure to come. This year is very important to us as firefighters. This election season has brought many attacks to a Coloradoan’s right to unionize and be recognized. The last year or so has taken all of us on a roller coaster ride in economics, jobs and energy prices. I hope that all of us will enjoy a break from reality come Nov. 5.

Eagle River Firefighters would like to wrap up this season with some local endorsements. This election season, Eagle River Professional Firefighters Local 4245 is asking for your help in voting for Christine Scanlan, House District 56; Jon Stavney and Peter Runyon, Eagle County commissioner; and Kristi Ferraro and Amy Phillips for Avon Town Council.

Christine Scanlan offers all of us an experience level at the state House that we will need as citizens of Eagle County during these tumultuous times. She is also a supporter of employees and employee rights that many middle-class Coloradoans need today and in the future.

We believe Jon Stavney and Peter Runyon both bring to the table knowledge of balancing land use for both affordable housing and open space. Currently there are very few properties in Eagle County that our firefighters can afford and also raise a family in. We are also supportive of both candidates’ desires to maintain and improve relationships between all public entities countywide.

Lastly, we are asking for your votes for Amy Phillips and Kristi Ferraro. Both candidates offer experience with town issues like housing, transportation, and the Traer Creek development. As employees of a special district, we welcome an increase in number of properties but it must be done responsibly. We believe both Kristi and Amy are the best choices to stand for the needs of the citizens of Avon for responsible growth and affordable housing.

Todd Marty

President, Eagle River Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4245

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