Firefighters picket county courthouse in Leadville |

Firefighters picket county courthouse in Leadville

About three dozen firefighters carried signs and marched in front of the Lake County Courthouse in Leadville this afternoon to protest the possible criminal charges against Capt. Dan Dailey, an emergency medical technician with the Leadville Fire Department.

Dailey was detained for more than an hour on March 27 after he and two other firefighters heard a dispatch call and responded to the Lake County Jail after a woman with a neck injury had arrived there to file a domestic abuse report.

Deputies told the firefighters to leave. When Dailey refused, he was arrested.

For the past two years Lake County Sheriff Ed Holte and the fire department have argued over how emergency services should be handled, with Holte preferring that his deputies act as first-responders in medical cases.

District Attorney Mark Hurlburt said today no decision has been made over whether Dailey will face charges. Hurlburt met with Lake County commissioners today and is still investigating the dust-up.

He said he will be interviewing those involved until Wednesday and could make a decision on charges as early as Thursday.

Leadville Fire Fighters Local 869 President Zac Pigati said today’s rally was a show of support of Dailey and to show firefighters “care about their community and don’t want to sacrifice patient care in any way.”

Randy Atkinson, district vice president for the International Association of Fire Fighters in Denver, said officers should not have prevented trained professionals from attending to the injured 25-year-old woman.

“Arresting a guy while he’s trying to do his job and help a patient, that really bothers me,” he said.

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