First day at school a challenge for all |

First day at school a challenge for all

Cindy Ramunno

Many area students will be feeling that familiar twitch in the gut when heading off the class today.

Blaine Cahill, for example, will be attending Brush Creek Elementary as a kindergartner. He says he’s the most excited about learning to read and write and, of course, recess.

Blaine will be eating hot lunches and cannot think of one thing he will miss about being at home. He says he doesn’t know who the principal is.

“I’m a little scared about getting my letters and numbers mixed up,” he says.

Friends Gino and Mike will be in the same boat as Blaine, who says he’s looking forward to meeting more buddies. He doesn’t know who his teacher is yet, either.

“There is a blonde teacher who lives down my street and it could be her,” he says.

Middle ages

Kyla Arguello, who will be entering Eagle Valley Middle School this fall, has her school supplies purchased and is ready to walk into those wider hallways – with lockers. When asked if she knows the principal of her new building, she says, “He is the husband of Ms. Santoro”.

Robin Santoro, in fact, is a counselor at Eagle Valley Elementary, Kyla’s alma mater.

Kyla says she will be eating hot lunches most of the time. Word has it the cafeteria at Eagle Valley serves some of the best grub around. She says she will miss all of her teachers and the holiday parties at Eagle Valley Elementary

“(But) I am very excited about getting lockers,” she says.

Kyla does admit to being a little nervous about the homework required of middle school students.

While Kyla doesn’t have an actual schedule yet, she says she does know she will be switching some classes around.

Freshman follies

And if you think entering middle school is nerve-racking, try high school. David Earle, a freshman at Eagle Valley High School this fall, already has had a glimpse of his full schedule. This spring, he says, he plans on going out for three sports – soccer, hockey, and baseball.

David says he’s very excited about the sports offered, and plans to ride to and from school/practice with his older brother.

When asked who was in the principal position at his school, David says, “Oh shoot-I know this. It’s “Mr. G’s’ dad,” referring the Mr. Ted Gould, a physical education teacher at Eagle Valley Middle School.

Nelson Gould, Ted’s father, indeed is the principal at Eagle Valley High School.

David had not purchased school supplies as of this interview, but seems prepared and ready to accept the challenges high school will no doubt bring.

Even higher school

Taking off for college, technical school or heading into the work force can be a double challenge. Colorado State University freshman Molly Merkling, for example, will head to Fort Collins at the end of the month to try her hand at interior design.

Molly is an Eagle Valley graduate and already knows Mariann Bickle will be her advisor.

“I’m nervous about meeting new people. I’m not very outgoing,” she says. “I’m also a little worried about the difficulty of the classes.”

At least Molly will be attending the university with some friends from home. “I will be living with Chelsey Lewis,” she says. “Lacy Ramunno, Mike Brown and Cassie Johnson will be some other familiar faces.”

Molly will be taking her car and a bike to get around and has already purchased a parking pass. While she’s got a meal plan all ready to go, she says she’s going to try to avoid the cafeteria as much as possible while living in the Parmelee dormitory.

“I will miss my own bed, personal things and peace and quiet,” she says. “But I can’t wait to meet new people.”

Pleasant studies

At least these four students are ready to go. Are you?

They show signs of having the noted “butterflies,” but also a fair amount of enthusiasm.

Have a happy school year!

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