First-grade artist talks about creative process |

First-grade artist talks about creative process

Cindy Ramunno

Last week, prizes were given to local young artists in the Vilar Center of the Performing Art’s contest to promote a visit from Corduroy the bear. Area students in kindergarten, first grade and second grade were asked to draw pictures about Corduroy’s trip to the ballet and the response was overwhelming. Red Sandstone Elementary kindergartner Peter Mitchell was the grand-prize winner. First-place winners were kindergartner Grace Williams from St. Clare of Assisi; Brush Creek Elementary first grader Jaycey Beard; and Kaelyn Boe, a second grader at the Eagle Valley Christian Academy.What does it take to be an award-winning artist at the age of 5, 6 and 7? The only downvalley winner, Eagle resident Jaycey Beard, says it takes a lot of hard work. “My picture was of Corduroy in his overalls dancing on the stage,” says Beard, who adds that she was very excited and happy when she learned she was one of the winners. Beard and other winners won loads of prizes including toys from Wishes Toy Store, Alpine Bank piggy banks, tickets to performances at the Vilar Center and ice cream coupons. “I won an art pack from Scully’s and I get to pick out a cookie at Columbine Bakery,” says Beard, who also won gift certificates from Pazzo’s and KidTopia. She also got to take home a piggy bank from Alpine Bank that included the swine Celeste, created by local artist Britten Roetzel. “I also get to ice skate in Beaver Creek and I won tickets to the performance at the Vilar Center,” says Beard. But the best prize? According to Beard, that was Corduroy himself. “I got a new Corduroy book and I’m glad because I lost mine,” she says.Beard’s dad, Ron, told her about the contest and she started drawing. “I spent about two hours drawing and about three minutes coloring. It took me a lot of time to make the people and the curtains,” says Beard. “It was really hard to draw Corduroy.” Then, Beard turned in her work and went about her life, actually forgetting about the contest, she says. “My mom told me that there were 12 elementary schools, so I didn’t think I’d win,” she says. Last Friday, Beard was honored in her classroom at Brush Creek Elementary by her teacher and classmates, proving that hard work really does pay off.

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