First things first |

First things first

We’re talking about The Return of the Bubble-Headed Bubble Haters, and other nameless nattering nabobs of negativism (those old enough to remember Spiro Agnew will recognize the phrase).

Among other phoney phoners, the Titans of Town Talk Towers got a call from one of Vail’s bubble-headed bubble haters who declined to leave her name.

Let’s get a few things straight.

First, we think all you bubble-headed bubble haters are ridiculous, myopic and self-absorbed.

Second, we don’t do anonymous stuff in this column. For the gutless crybabies who want to shriek into their telephones, make silly-headed statements and tell obvious lies about their fellow humans while hiding behind the curtain of lilly-livered anonymity – look for another avenue to spew your senseless invective. If you insist on a mask, we suggest a Richard Nixon mask for a Halloween party, a yin/yang mask for a Mardi Gras party, or just go ahead and slide a sheet over your head for a Ku Klux Klan meeting.

We, the Titans of Town Talk Towers, whose secret identity as Randy Wyrick is a highly classified government secret, reserve the right to refuse service to nameless, spineless boneheads who won’t behave themselves.

You’re not welcome here.

Movin’ right along.

Birthday brigade

n Happy birthday to Della Pacheco.

n Very happy birthday wishes to Lynn Fulton of Arrowhead. Go girl!

n Rob Mires will be in Edwards, wish him a very happy birthday. Your dad is proud of you. Princess P is thinking of you.

Help Sherrie Taylor

At Saturday’s Unvailed 2003 Calendar extravaganza, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund will be raising money for Sherrie Taylor’s cancer treatments. Janet Huntoon tells us that Thrivent’s Mountain Community Branch 8860 will donate $1,000 if another $1,000 is donated during Saturday’s Unvailed unveiling. For the uninitiated, the Unvailed calendar is that deal where Vail area locals pose tastefully naked for the good cause of raising money. It’s 5-8 p.m. at the Kaltenberg Castle in Vail. You pay $25 to get in, you get food, beer, a calendar and all the models will be on hand to autograph it any darned place you ask them to.

Plane Fun is Saturday

The wonderful folks at the Vail Valley Jet Center love you and want to show you how much. They’re running Plane Fun from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday out at the Eagle County Regional Airport. They have all kinds of cool stuff that goes fast, flies high and incorporates most of the other elements of a real good time. We’re talking paragliders, hot air balloons, sky divers, helicopters, air ambulances, great big jets, little bitty jets and other serious coolness including a police dog attack exhibition – which would be a great way to subdue cranky teen-agers.

And besides all that, there’s a 7 a.m. pancake breakfast and a microbrew festival – which you may or may not combine with the pancake breakfast.

It most assuredly combines with the dunking booth where all the local political candidates will be, once again, all wet.

It’s free, and it’s Saturday.

Let’s get ready to rummage

The Eagle County Charter Academy’s annual rummage sale is Oct. 18-19, and they’re accepting donations. It’s the perfect opportunity to unload a bunch of meaningless stuff belonging to your spouse and/or significant other. Call Muffy at 926-3890.

Ski Club Vail gets board

Ski Club Vail snowboard director, Ben Boyd, will be hosting a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 15 at the Ski Club Vail building. All interested boarder-type people should call Ben at 390-3534, or 476-5119, or e-mail or Nathan park at

Glad you’re here

Special to Lori and Steve. Ande is so glad you’re here and that you are neighbors. You guys rule.

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