First women teles down Grand Teton |

First women teles down Grand Teton

Allen Best

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – The firsts continue on Grand Teton, that lovely but challenging peak. Recently, the first commercial client skied the mountain. Now, the first women on free-heel skis telemarked down the peak.”Basically, that’s all I use in the backcountry,” said A.J. Cargill of her free-heel skis. “I prefer a lighter set-up. It wasn’t scary, but it was intense and demanding.”Crested Butte won’t ban real estate officesCRESTED BUTTE – Crested Butte has walked away from the idea of banning offices used by doctors, lawyers, and real estate salesman from the ground-floor level of Elk Avenue, the town’s main street.Several council members seemed to like the idea, going where Vail went 30 years ago and where Aspen seems to be headed. But, in the end, council members decided there is no real need to ban offices, as there isn’t really enough business for the existing shops, reported the Crested Butte News. The council may review the idea, but not soon.Spray or spade is the dandy questionCRESTED BUTTE, – Spray or spade? It sounds like a veterinary procedure. In fact, it’s the basic debate in Crested Butte involving dandelions – spray them with chemicals or dig them out with a shovel or some other tool?The town has been at this juncture at least once before. After a profusion of dandelions in 2000 turned the soccer field and others yellow, town officials elected to go inorganic. But when an applicator showed up wearing a suit of white, many residents were appalled. That caused the town staff to seek out an alternative organic weed killer, a derivative of beet juiced known as Weed Killer 7-0-5.But Town Manager Frank Bell says beet juice isn’t an option now. “It was expensive and it doesn’t work,” he said.How about community dandelion dig days? That is another idea, but not everybody digs it – because digging is only a temporary answer.The Town Council positioned itself firmly on the fence, appointing Bell to figure out the solution – preferably non-chemical, but chemical if that must be the case, reports the Crested Butte News,

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