FIS: Thursday DH training will happen |

FIS: Thursday DH training will happen

A cat in Beaver Creek clears snow from the Birds of Prey race course Wednesday.
Steve Prawdzik |

BEAVER CREEK — International Ski Federation race director Guenter Hujara said Wednesday’s blast of snow shouldn’t prevent Thursday’s downhill training.

After travel delays and large amounts of snow prevented the first two opportunities for downhill training Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday marks the last opportunity for racers to test the downhill course before the event. If no training runs occur, then the race itself will be canceled.

“We are very confident that we will have great conditions for a training run tomorrow,” said Hujara on Wednesday evening. “A lot of work is still to be done tomorrow morning, so they pushed it back.”

Originally scheduled for 11 a.m., Thursday’s training was pushed back to 12:15 p.m.

“We have a major effort going out on the hill,” said Beaver Creek director of operations Greg Johnson. “We started early [Wednesday] afternoon about noon … we expect to have the cats off the hill by midnight or 1 a.m.”

Johnson said as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, there was still much to be done to prepare for Thursday’s training.

“We’ve got a huge amount of work to get done tomorrow – setting the course, getting most of the B-fence on the track, reanchoring a couple A-nets … there’s a lot to do but we are confident we can get it done.”

Johnson also said the Lower Dally run will be available for egress from the race venue starting late Thursday morning.

“We’re finishing snowmaking there tonight, with the cold temperatures we expect to have it done.”

Johnson said they’re preparing for temperatures as low as negative 25 Celsius.

“That will help the snow set up and we expect to have a good training run tomorrow,” he said.

93 racers from around the globe are scheduled to take training runs tomorrow – Americans Travis Ganong and Bode Miller are set to run the course fourth and seventh, respectively.

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