Fish:101 returns to Sweet Basil in Vail |

Fish:101 returns to Sweet Basil in Vail

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Special to the DailyFish: 101 is back this Monday night at Sweet Basil Restaurant in Vail Village

VAIL, Colorado – Everyone knows that eating fish is good for your health. The simple fact is, that in the United States, we eat twice as much fish in restaurants than we do at home. Why, you might ask?

“I just didn’t know what to buy and how to cook it,” said Broomfield resident Paul Stueben. “Then I went to the Fish: 101 class at Sweet Basil last spring. We grilled fish at least twice a week this past summer – which is twice a week more than we did last year.”

Fish: 101 is back this Monday night at Sweet Basil Restaurant in Vail Village. In the second event in an eight-week series called Love our Locals, Executive Chef Paul Anders demystifies preparing and cooking fish at home.

“I’ll be discussing and demonstrating numerous cooking techniques as well as touching on some raw, marinated and cured styles like cevichi and gravlox,” Anders said. “The main demonstrations will focus on the butchering, skinning, and filleting of fish.”

The second part in the Fish: 101 class is near and dear to Chef Ander’s heart. Dedicated to sustainable foods and green initiatives in the restaurant industry, Anders will guide attendees on how to select environmentally responsible fish choices at a restaurant or in your grocery store.

“I’ll explain the term aquaculture and why’farm raised fish, when done the right way, can be a very enjoyable and environmentally responsible option,” Anders said. “The term farm raised used to have the connotation of poor quality, but there are some truly excellent operations raising fish in a controlled and humane way that produces very clean and delicious tasting fish.”

According to the NOAA (national oceanic and atmospheric administration), aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production systems in the world. Defined as simply the practice of fishing/harvesting/farming in a way that is reproducible and ensures that the species/product will have ample supplies indefinitely.

“The environmental responsibility aspect is so important,” Anders said. “We are all need to be aware of the impacts of over-fishing and how worldwide populations can diminish to the point where there won’t be any fish options for our children and grandchildren.”

Fish:101 will be held at Sweet Basil Monday night from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The event costs $25 or attendees can select any four LoL events in the series for $80. There will be a second class in conjunction with Vail Restaurant Week on Friday from 5:30 to 7p.m. The cost for the Friday class is $35 and includes a cookbook. There is a 25 person limit to all events and reservations are required.

For more information about Sweet Basil, or to make reservations visit or call 970-476-0125.

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