Fishbone performs in West Vail, answers 7 questions |

Fishbone performs in West Vail, answers 7 questions

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” Angelo Moore, the lead singer for Fishbone, didn’t have to think hard about why the band decided to embark on a ski town tour.

“Ski towns are good party towns,” he said.

And considering that one of Fishbone’s songs is based on a crazy night at the strip club, it’s safe to say the band knows how to party. Fishbone plans to play the Sandbar Sports Grill in West Vail tonight as part of a 10-stop tour through the west. Labeled as alternative music, the band mixes in ska, punk, rock, funk and metal. Their most recent album “Still Stuck in Your Throat” came out in 2007.

Moore, 43, spoke to the Vail Daily about life on the road.

1. Vail Daily: Where did the name Fishbone come from?

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Angelo Moore: Fishbone was the drummer’s name in the very beginning.

2. VD: Your band formed in 1979 in the ghettos of Los Angeles. What was daily life like?

AM: Well, from my perspective, I lived in the valley, so I lived in white suburban neighborhoods. My family was one of the first black families in the suburbs of Los Angeles … I would catch a two-hour bus ride into Los Angeles and rehearse with the band. … Like any suburban neighborhood ” it was not a wealthy one ” you’ve got your share of gangs and drugs and police and s—t like that. It wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t like a war zone but that element was definitely around.

3. VD: What is your song ‘Let Dem Ho’s Fight’ about?

AM: When I was in Atlanta, Ga., probably about 10 years ago now, me and a couple of friends went to this bar, a club, all night booty shake strip club. It was a special night. It was like the player’s ball, you know? The pimps and ho’s come in, they’re all dressed up … you walk into this bar and there’s a big boxing ring in the middle of the club. … All of the sudden this guy came over the microphone and said ‘Let them ho’s fight. Knock that b—t out’ … And then these two girls got up in the ring and they had on boxing gloves and they were trying to knock each other dead for a prize.

4. VD: What’s your goal for the show in Vail?

AM: My goal for the show is to make sure Fishbone puts on the best musical experience that we’re able to and everyone in the club can join us in that. They can release themselves, they can free themselves from the daily responsibility of going to the 9 to 5, and dealing the system and society and the police or the baby’s mama, or the baby’s daddy, or the lawyer or the f—ing job, or the bank or any of that sh-t.

5. VD: You play the theremin. What’s that?

AM: The theremin is an electric box with two antennas. One antenna’s the pitch; the other antenna’s the volume. You don’t touch the antennas. You play the force field the antennas give off…

6. VD: How did you get involved with this instrument?

AM: Fishbone was recording Chim Chim’s Bad-ss Revenge in 1996. I was downstairs in the basement of the studio walking around, looking at stuff, and I walked by this theremin and it made this noise when I walked by it because I walked into the, ah, radius, you know the sound radius … II backed up and looked at it and I put my hand close to it and it made that noise, and…I just played it for a couple hours. Down in the basement, playing the theremin, everybody was looking for me, they couldn’t find me to do no vocals. I’m just downstairs in the basement going whoo, whoo, whoo for a couple hours.

7. Are you recording anything new with Fishbone right now?

AM: Yeah, we’re in the process of making songs. Just getting new songs together.

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