Five fashion dos and don’ts for Independence Day |

Five fashion dos and don’ts for Independence Day

Lexi O'Neill
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyLeave the American flag on the pole, but do wear prints inspired by Old Glory the Fourth of July.

One more reason I’m proud to be an American ” being patriotic doesn’t mean you have to wear a kilt, kimono, or paint your face with indigenous mud. This 4th of July, you can declare your independence in style. Here are five dos and don’ts for the holiday today.

1. Don’t wear stars and stripes together. Do go for the nautical look, instead, by wearing white and blue or red stripes. And sparkle like a star with jewelry or glitter.

2. Don’t ” and this is very importatn ” wear socks with sandals. Do wear sandals or sneakers. Wedge sandals are especially hot this summer, and the solid heel will be great for attending an outdoor barbeque without aerating your friend’s lawn.

3. Don’t wear a tank top if you’re a man, otherwise known as a “Wife Beater.” Do go with the classic polo or collared shirt. Tanks for women are always acceptable, and this summer’s styles are accented with lace and sequins.

4. Don’t wear the American Flag as a shirt. Do put on some American Flag inspired accessories: belts, baseball caps and sandals are all being sold with American Flag print for Independence Day.

5. Don’t overheat by overdressing. Do throw a blazer in your car. When the sun sets in the Rocky Mountains, we all know how the temperature drops. A blazer will instantly give your look a facelift and keep you warm at night.

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