Five things to do in Denver |

Five things to do in Denver

Special to the DailyCatch Yeasayer's psychedelic indie-rock-meets-ambient-meets world music vibe at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver on Saturday.

Since their splash debut at South-By-Southwest in 2007 with a series of explosive live shows, theyve made good on their psychedelic indie-rock-meets-ambient-meets world music vibe. Their widely-praised debut, All Hour Cymbals, is a paean to the end of the world but it posits that when it happens, we should be dancing. The Brooklyn four-piece often shares chanted choruses, giving a communal, tribal feel not present in most hipster-friendly bands to songs like 2080 and Sunrise. Theyll often incorporate Brian Eno-style ambient soundscapes to set the stage for the chiming guitar, elastic bass and intricate percussion to come. But the real highlight of their show might be their detailed custom visual displays: Like a modern-day Pink Floyd, images and art gets projected onstage in brilliant colors for the entirety of their set. Combine that with the talented multi-instrumentalists constantly switching instruments, and youve got a recipe for one trippy live show. What: Yeasayer performs.Where: Bluebird Theatre, Denver.When: Saturday, 9 p.m.Cost: $16-$18.Info: 303-322-2308 or

Thanksgiving might be one of the biggest holidays of the year, but its followed by the King. Christmas and all the connected holidays of other faiths enjoy the biggest, most intense season, thanks mostly to all the money retailers hope youll be spending. But the season does have simple beauties, like lights: Denver will kick off the holiday season on Black Friday with their Grand Illumination, which lights up Union Station with blazing Christmas lights worthy of any bustling metropolis. Yuletide carolers in full Dickensian costume will help you get into the spirit of the season, and Christmas treats like cookies and egg nog will flavor your introduction to the holidays. Beyond Union Station, other classic locales like Skyline Park, 16th Street Mall, the Brown Palace Hotel, Larimer Square, Denver Pavilions, the D&F Tower, and the City & County Building will also light up their halls and facades with brilliant Christmas lights. The season begins in earnest …What: Downtown Denver Grand Illumination Christmas Tree Lighting.Where: Union Station, Denver.When: Friday, 6 p.m.Cost: Free.Info:

Some people go to museums to get their dose of fine art. Other people (smart ones) know that the best art can be found on other people. Okay, so maybe body art doesnt carry the cache of gesso paints or mixed-media sculpture, but you cant blame your average art fan for wanting to ogle the opposite sex while analyzing brush strokes every now and then. The Body Art Festival Grand Championship celebrates this idea, as nine artists put designs to skin on 15 models, using techniques as diverse as airbrush, paintbrush, marker, feathers and jewels. Youll probably see plenty of felines and other classic body art designs, but these pros could surprise with some especially wild finished products. The artists compete for prizes including cash, bottle service and gift packages. Admission to the festival at Wish Nightclub is free, and youll enjoy drink specials and all-night dancing provided you can take your eyes off the, ahem, art.What: Body Art Festival Grand Championship.Where: Wish Nightclub.When: Saturday, 9 p.m.Cost: Free.Info: 303-825-0852 or

Its rare to find a triple threat in a DJ and its even rarer for that triple threat to be a woman in the male-dominated electronic music scene. But Chicagos DJ Colette manages to whip together progressive house beats, incredible spinning skills, and a powerful, soulful voice all at the same time. Shes not afraid to take classic soul samples from her hometown and start creating new melodies on top of it. She has a unique and unusual performance style: Often, half of her set will feature her performing and singing over her produced tracks, while the other half will feature her spinning a more traditional DJ set while she introduces her singing voice into the mix. Her undeniably catchy songs and innovative performance style put her atop iTunes house charts and put her songs in movies like The Devil Wears Prada. You dont know her yet, but soon every one will be talking about that girl DJ who can really, really sing.What: DJ Colette performs and spins a DJ set.Where: Bar Standard, Denver.When: Saturday.Cost: Free.Info: 303-832-8628 or

Like egg nog and The Nutcracker, watching a performance of Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol is an annual tradition you know youre going to see it, its just a matter of when and how good it will be. Lucky for you and yours, Denver Center Theatre Companys annual production of the show ranks among the countrys best. As directed by Bruce K. Sevy, with music by David de Berry, the world of Dickens comes alive in a lavish yet intimate production that occupies Denvers grand Stage Theatre. De Berrys original songs add ghostly chills, laughter, and warmth as miserly grump Ebenezer Scrooge gets haunted by the spirits of past, present and future. Daily performances begin on Nov. 28 and run through Dec. 27. If you dont check out this Christmas classic at least once, you just might have some ghosts of your own haunting you throughout the holidays. What: Denver Center Theatre Company performs Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol.Where: The Stage Theatre, Denver.When: Daily performances Nov. 28-Dec. 27.Cost: $36-$57.Info:

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