Five things to do in Denver |

Five things to do in Denver

Ted Alvarez
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyLincoln Hall will speak about his Everest memoir, "Dead Lucky," at the Tattered Cover, Denver on Friday.

Many dream of climbing Everest, and those that attempt it would likely say that it’s worth the risk of death. They might change their mind, though, after hearing the story of Lincoln Hall, the Australian climber left for dead on the world’s highest peak in May 2006 after succumbing to cerebral edema. His team gave him up to the mountain and the elements, but he inexplicably awoke the next day, frostbitten and disoriented, but alive. Another team gave up their summit bid to save him, and Hall found a new spark and life lessons from his second shot at life. Hall provides inspiration, insight and testament to the power of a deadly mountain that has already claimed a life this year. He’ll read from and sign copies of his new book, “Dead Lucky,” at the Tattered Cover.

What: Lincoln Hall reads from his Everest memoir “Dead Lucky.”

Where: Tattered Cover, Denver.

When: Today, 7:30 p.m.

Cost: Free.

Info: 303-470-7050 or

Plenty of bands have melody, but not many have harmony: Denver’s Paper Bird excels at this, with three lovely female voices intertwining, creating new vocal nooks and crannies within the frame of their bands folky, jazzy Americana. Acoustic guitar, banjo and trombone backing makes for unique, old-time tones backing Sarah Anderson, Genny Patterson and Esme Patterson’s enchanting, but surprisingly modern, three-part harmonies. Fans of bluegrass, country, jazz or folk shouldn’t miss this modern spin on music from “the good ol’ days.”

What: Paper Bird performs.

Where: Boulder Theatre, Boulder.

When: Saturday, 9 p.m.

Cost: $8.50.


Saturday nights are full of mistakes ” too many drinks, too much food, too much … well, we’ll let you fill in the blanks. But there’s no better way to wash those mistakes off than by soaking away your sins the the next day in a pool. Kevin Larson Presents’ Sunday Recovery Pool Party runs from noon until 5 p.m. and features $4 drinks, including Bloody Marys, mojitos, and mimosas, and live DJs spinning into the evening. Pool games, volleyball and other activities (like swimsuit contests!) will keep you busy into the evening … and maybe lead you to make a few more pool-side mistakes.

What: Sunday Recovery Pool Party.

Where: Sheraton Four Points Southeast, Denver.

When: Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

Cost: Free.


It’s R.E.M. At Red Rocks. What more do you need to know? OK, OK: It helps that these indie heroes of the ’80s and rock gods of the ’90s are back with a surprisingly strong, surprisingly loud, surprisingly rockin’ new album “Accelerate.” They’ve never been in finer form, and as anyone who’s seen them can testify, seeing R.E.M. perform live can amount to a spiritual experience. Putting them amidst the sparkling acoustics and giant slabs of the natural cathedral of Red Rocks, and you’ve basically got one amazing church service for rock n’ rollers everywhere. Bow down ” the pope is in town.

What: R.E.M. performs.

Where: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison.

When: Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $65-75.

Info: 303-295-4444.

Hillary Clinton may be a strong, political woman, but she’s got nothing on Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Johnson-Sirleaf weathered death threats, exile and even prison time to become the first elected president of Liberia after the tyrannical rule of dictator Charles Taylor (she’s also the first African female head of state). President Bush gave her the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor offered by the United States. But before her rise to political power, the Harvard-educated economist once taught here at the University of Colorado, and she returns to Denver to talk about how she overcomes the challenges of her recovering country with a mix of intellectual smarts, moral instinct and compassion for her people. They don’t call her the “Iron Lady of Africa” for nothing.

What: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, president of Liberia, speaks.

Where: Buell Theatre, Denver.

When: Monday, 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $47.75 to $115.

Info: 877-872-8124 or

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