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Five things to do in Denver and Boulder

Ted Alvareznewsroom@vaildaily.comVail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyThe Colorado Symphony Orchestra will play the score to Charlie Chaplins comedy classic City Lights live on Saturday at the Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver.

Museums are fantastic, serene places we often talk ourselves out of going to because of work, kids or because they close before you can get there. This is especially a shame in Denver, which hosts some of the finest museums in the country. Well, throw your excuses out the window, because the Denver Art Museum will stay open until 10 p.m. today, and admission will be wait for it free. The Denver Art Museum has also planned a slew of special events to celebrate, including the performance Contemporary Forms in Space and Time, by local dance troupes Ballet Ariel and the Hannah Kahn Dance Company. Meanwhile, youll be able to hop a free shuttle to visit all of the citys participating museums, which include the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the Forney Transportation Museum, the Molly Brown House Museum, the Childrens Museum of Denver, the Black American West Museum, the Kirkland Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Shuttle riders also get a Cherry Creek Passport to Shopping discount coupon booklet, so youll get a jump on holiday shopping while absorbing all that culture.What: Denver Arts Week: Night at the Museums.Where: Downtown Denver (shuttles leave hourly from Cherry Creek Shopping Center or the Denver Art Museum).When: Friday, 5 to 10 p.m.Cost: Free.Info:

Dodgeball: Its that rare game that combines a distinct whiff of nostalgia with utter violence. We all remember childhood dodgeball games fondly even if, like me, you spent it getting crushed by dudes twice your size named Brett and Trey. You can take your first steps toward revenge at the Clobber the Gobbler Dodgeball Tournament, a round-robin competition that will pit teams of six (at least half must be female) against each other for ultimate glory. In addition to taking out opponents with a big rubber ball, the winner gets a giant frozen turkey in time for Thanksgiving, and can attend the after-party/awards ceremony at Damons Grill. Just think: Youll get to tell dodgeball war stories while becoming the family hero for scoring this years turkey. Get out there and dodgeball!What: Clobber the Gobbler Dodgeball Tournament.Where: Northglenn Recreation Center, Denver.When: Friday, 6:30 p.m.Cost: $120 for registering a team of six or more.Info: 303-450-8928.

Our overcrowded prison system is heavy on inmates but short on ideas for rehabilitation; its easy enough for society to just lock criminals and throw away the key. This tendency is part of what makes Jenny Phillips documentary The Dhamma Brothers so fascinating: She follows a group of inmates at a maximum-security Alabama prison as they are introduced to meditation through a Vipassana retreat, where they are required to sit in complete silence for 10 days, breaking only for meals and sleep. In the process, we watch as these men reflect on the choices that put them in prison, how that affects others, and see them eventually grow as people. The film follows two Vipassana teachers who move into the prison to guide the prisoners, and it also checks in with the surrounding community, who dont believe that bad apples can be redeemed. By the end, though, we see several broken people own up to their past and go some distance towards being redeemed.What: The Dhamma Brothers documentary.Where: Boulder Theatre.When: Monday, 7:30 p.m.Cost: $10.Info:

In a stunning marriage of high-wire theatrics, classic film and classy music, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra will play the score to Charlie Chaplins comedy classic City Lights live. The full-length, intermission-free movie will give viewers a chance to peek into the past, when live music was played along with films, except this time its even bigger. Exceptional timing and brilliant musicianship will be on display as the orchestra magnifies all the films emotions when they hit live musical cues for onscreen action, amping up the excitement with a full-orchestra blare. Chaplin stars as his famous Little Tramp character, acting as the love interest for a blind flower seller. Beyond Chaplins usual slapstick, theres an aching, bittersweet tinge at the films core. This silent film remains one of Chaplins favorite works and also retains favor among film critics; its a classic made just before the dawn of talking pictures.What: CSO Goes to the Movies presents City Lights.Where: Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver.When: Saturday, 7:30 p.m.Cost: $15-$73.Info:

Dont let Portugal. The Mans obnoxious name structure scare you away. Though the name might be annoying to say and read, the bands quirky indie rock is easy to listen to, and even easier to like. While songs often start with Shins-like irresistible melodies and figures, they build and break out into something bigger and more epic, with swirling, big guitars, atmospheric keys, and crunchy bass propelling singer John Baldwin Gourleys surprisingly soulful voice into the stratosphere. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that Portugal. The Man hail from once-obscure, now famous Wasilla, Alaska, best known as hometown for a certain female vice presidential nominee with a dubious grasp on foreign policy. The band has since relocated to Portland (Id imagine touring the country from Alaska would get pretty exhausting), but they retain a fondness for aural wide-open spaces likely inspired by their far-north homeland. Their latest, Censored Colors, shows off this trait with aplomb.What: Portugal. The Man performs.Where: Marquis Theatre, Denver.When: Friday, 7:30 p.m.Cost: $12-$15.Info:

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