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Flag flying improperly at Avon Wal-Mart

Leo Gallegos
Edwards, CO, Colorado

I only know of three positions the American flag should fly and this is not one of them. I was shopping at Wall Mart around 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 2. On my way out to my car I noticed the flag waving in an unusual fashion. I did not notice it on my way in due to the direction I parked.

I first of all noticed the flag was not lit and I know that sometimes that happens when a light bulb goes out unexpectedly and I understand that, but there should be no reason for the flag to be flying inappropriately. I wish I had a camera to show you what I saw but I did not have one, so I will provide you with my best description possible.

The red and white stripes were running vertically! Sure, the field of blue was at the top left but how do you accidently run the flag in this fashion? There are usually eyeholes on the flag in such a way to either put the flag correctly or upside down. At least if it was upside down it would have meaning of distress. If it were at half staff we would know its in honor of the fallen.

This is unfortunate and I feel that we should be aware of the lack of honor or education as to why we fly our flag and what it means to those who have fallen, fought, and sweated over our ability to fly this flag we call our American flag.

Leo Gallegos


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