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Flaherty brings experience to Minturn mayor position

Hawkeye Flaherty.
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The Minturn election will be April 5. The Vail Daily will be printing each candidate’s answer to a questionnaire in the following days.

There are two candidates running for one, two-year term for mayor:

Hawkeye Flaherty (Wednesday)

Matt Scherr (Wednesday)

There are five candidates running for three, four-year Town Council seats:

Terry Armistead (Thursday)

George Brodin (Thursday)

Harvey Craig (Friday)

Sidney Harrington (Friday)

Johnie Rosenfeld (Friday)

To see candidates answers, visit vaildaily.com.

Name: Hawkeye Flaherty.

Occupation: I am a heavy equipment operator and front line supervisor for the street department for the Public Works Department of the town of Vail.

How long have you lived in Minturn? I have lived in Minturn all my life minus some time gone for school and adventures.

Why do you want this job? It is the best town in the valley to be involved in government with. The citizens of Minturn are the best people to work for.

Why are you the best person for the job? I care deeply about the town and the people who live here. I bring a lot of experience to the job. I get things done.

What’s the most important issue facing the town today? I think there are several “most important issues” we are dealing with. As always, the financial well-being is always at the top of the list. If you don’t take care of the money, then it’s hard to get anything else done. We need to finish up the 100-block entryway project that was started last year. We are going to start the engineering of the rec path and sidewalk through the south end of town. We are looking at getting a favorable court ruling on the Battle Mountain annexation. Hopefully that will be done this year and the annexation will be certified and complete.

What’s your opinion of the Crave Community Co. land swap proposal? I heard what the citizens were saying, and I will not support the land swap as it’s currently proposed. I will be open-minded and look at different proposals if they are presented. If they do not address the citizens concerns, then I will not support them either.

In four years, what would you like the town government to have accomplished? The position I am running for, mayor, is a two-year term. This is what I will continue to work on if re-elected: seeing the annexation of the Battle Mountain property completed so they and the town know what is part of the town and what is not. We will all have a better idea on how to move forward when the annexation is done; finish up the 100-block entryway, sidewalk and streetlight project and then continue on with the sidewalk replacement throughout town; continue to bring events to town that will give our businesses a boost in sales; pay off the final loan in the water fund of the enterprise fund. This would result in the elimination of most of the remaining debt service payment that currently shows up on your water bill. The water fund’s only debt would be the payment the fund makes on the Town Hall building. Those certificates of participation will be paid off in 2020; continue with the rebuilding and repaving of the streets through out town; continue to work on Little Beach Park improvements; and continue to promote the town’s business and services through out the valley.

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