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Flap over cost of Edwards road

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

Who they talked to: Eagle County engineers and school district representatives

What they talked about: The Edwards metro districts, the school district and Eagle County had agreed to split the estimated $225,000 cost of adding a turn lane to Charter School Road and widening Miller Ranch Road at the intersection.

The improvements are meant to keep traffic moving in the area once June Creek Elementary opens this fall.

However, it seems the preliminary estimates of the construction costs were too low and the project will actually cost about $390,000.

Eagle County said they were still willing to share the costs, but the school district said they weren’t sure they wanted to commit to more money. The district has been reluctant to participate in the project because the original traffic studies of Miller Ranch Road show that traffic would still be fine without widening or a turn lane.

Don Cohen of Berry Creek Metro District said he wanted to simply scratch the plan and revisit the improvements in a few years if there were traffic problems.

“Because of the (school) district’s profound failure of leadership in this, it’s been a long and torturous process to get here,” he said. “They’ve shown increased reluctance with this project since the beginning.”

Frustrated metro district members said they weren’t sure they were willing to commit to any more money, especially if the school district was not willing to share the increased costs.

“This was a hard enough sell (to the metro district board) in the first place,” said Todd Williams of the Edwards Metro District.

What’s next? The school district board will make its decision on whether or not to participate in the improvements, and the metro district representatives will present the new price to their respective boards.

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