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flatlander: It’s a sandbox out there

Austin Richardson

No, this won’t be an Eyore column about how people hate me because of my religion. No, this blog won’t be sarcastic (it’s tired and only works every once in a while). Constant use of sarcasm, particularly in columns, is hackneyed, contrived.

While sarcasm is an effective tool on occasion, it loses effectiveness after the third paragraph. It’s like the child who makes fun of classmates because they’re different. It’s a sign of weakness. Teasing and picking on those either less fortunate than ourselves or weaker in spirit or body is the most heinous of crimes.

And no, this forum won’t be on a stump to ridicule those who don’t agree with me. Folks disagree all the time, nothing new here. It’s the way we handle our differences that make us more than prison-mates traveling on this jail of a planet.

Yes, yes, I realize persecution happens every day on every level. We can only hope as humans to treat each other with dignity and compassion. Help those who need it most and shun those who use force and brutality as instruments of power.

The world’s unfair. Get used to it already. Wars are happening in every corner of the world. It’s not a happy thing, but realistic. Americans will be facing some tough truths in the near future. The greatest of those being $10/gallon gasoline.

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Everything will become more expensive, chain stores will become vacant as big-rigs won’t be a viable transportation alternative. They use too much fuel. Small town America will take a hit as these “super stores” become indoor roller rinks and eyesores on the edge of town.

Baby boomers take heed … sell your big-box stocks and gobble up those energy shares. Railroads will become the main shipping routes in the next 20 years. Now there’s an investment in the future, straight out of the past.

Align yourself with anything, anyone or any idea and be prepared to be persecuted for it. That’s how humans play together. It’s brutal, but the world is just a big playground. A sandbox where we can play out our fears and delight in our triumphs. We’re the bullies right now, aiming for our share of the world’s short supply of crude.

The good part about living here in the USA is that you probably won’t go to jail for being rude/obnoxious/”controversial”/nationalistic in print. But as Americans, we take to the keyboard and perpetuate ideas instead of violence. We don’t take to the streets to affect public policy change nationwide.

Of course there are certain exceptions, but the vast majority of Americans go to work and home, to the movies and grocery store. Watching television is how Americans get their news. Sloppy, spoon-fed and dancing around the point, we believe what we’re told.

Some would contend this makes us sedentary, weak in our convictions and unwilling to stand up for what we believe.

We pick up the kids after work and trust our political leaders are working in our best interest. It’s only when we have massive buildings explode and crumble in the heart of the financial district that our enormous bulk is activated. Make no mistake, our strong arm is perpetually ready to strike with history’s deadliest force.

Ideological stances and natural resources and religion are a heady mix. The sleeping giant is stirring in the East, the Red hordes are regrouping on the periphery and liquid gold lies beneath the sands. All lust for it’s power, but only America is making a play for the blood beneath the sands. It’s the same life-giving substance that makes our economy churn.

These are the same folks who cower and hide as bombs fall from the sky onto their villages. They are the “insurgents” protecting their homeland.

Don’t they get it?

Those bombs represent freedom.

Vail Colorado

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