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flatlander: Jags over easy

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

ROUTT COUNTY ” An overcast day heralded the beginning of quite a plush ride through the mountains of northern Eagle County, into southern Routt County, Colorado.

Check out the video on WEB EXTRAS to the right.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is a great place to drive. Not many cars coming the opposite way, lots of curves to drift and crawl through and lots of space to “dry off the car.”

Oh yeah, “drying off the car” after the car wash usually means to drive excessively fast. Not that my partner in hobbyist driving would ever, ever do anything like that. Pause … breathe in and out slowly … thank you.

Next on the list was the Jaguar XK. What a sweet looking ride. My gosh, that car gets more looks than Daisy Dukes at the rodeo. Alternating between “oohs and ahhs” folks mistake this Jag for either a Maseratti or something else far more exotic.

This cat purrs like a kitten. Plenty of horsepower is supplied by a variable timing V-8, growling out of large dual-exhaust pipes to the rear.

My partner in trying out these cars, Andy Stonehouse, is the one who actually receives these test vehicles on a weekly basis. It’s become more of a hobby these days, due to the apparently tight market on brand-spanking-new car reviews.

After rolling around in an overpowered Corvette a few weekends ago, 300 horsepower didn’t seem like quite enough. The power band on the Jag didn’t really pin you back like the ‘Vette, but it is certainly enough to get down I-70 quick enough.

The best part of the ride, according to Stonehouse, was the looks he got. Folks might ask him, “is that a Maseratti?”

Clearly this two-seater is worth the pretty penny it costs. I didn’t ask, Andy didn’t tell.

Nice ride.

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