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Flatlander: Love Eagle County’s snow? Take a walk

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

Winter is here in full force. You can always tell by how difficult it is to move around from the car to the front door. And that first step off the bus, be careful of that one. It can be tragic. Negotiating parking lots in the winter is always tough. It’s particularly hard on fragile legs.

Small steps seem to work best.

But for those who have decided to make the High Country their home, there is a remedy. There exists “chains for boots” that are a wonderful invention. These snow-walking saviors are akin to crampons, but slightly less in scale. The aluminum cleats bite into hard-packed snow like the claws of a cougar.

However, it’s easy to become complacent when you’ve got the “chains for boots” securely attached. Added confidence underfoot makes for even more spectacular, and unforeseen, spills. Best be extra careful walking in the snow.

It’s part of many people’s day to take a walk. One of the ways to stave off creaky bones and cranky comebacks is to get a measure of exercise at least three times each week.

Walking keeps the spirits high. And for those approaching middle-age, taking a vigorous walk regularly helps “clear the cobwebs” from the mind.

One of the challenges of walking in the High Country is storms. There are “hardcore” types, like myself, who think that walking around while snow is falling is one of the best things about living in the mountains.

Other, less hardy folk, liken walking through a snowstorm to walking in the rain. In my mind, there’s a huge difference.

A snowstorm covers the blemishes of the environment. Aside from covering up the ground and all its inconsistencies, falling snow also absorbs sound. It’s peaceful to stroll through the woods, hearing nothing but your own breath and heartbeat.

Walking around town during a snowstorm isn’t quite a backcountry snowshoe adventure, but it certainly is fun and relaxing.

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