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flatlander: Posers are as posers do

Austin Richardson

You’ve seen this guy.

He’s the one with the latest “cool guy” outfit on the slopes, driving the rented Porsche to the 10 year reunion, an older dude sporting baggy jeans with signature wallet-chains dangling or the old guy with a trophy wife.

Slice it any way you like and there they are: posers.

While it’s true that some folks “fake it ’til they make it” the ugly truth is that the fakers of the world are hollow. They put people down to make themselves look good. And that’s just wrong.

Unfortunately, posers get the chicks. Perhaps it’s their air of self-confidence or a thick … wallet …. bulging from one of their pockets. I’d say it’s mostly a cash thing. But who could blame a woman for wanting to be courted by a rich man? Security’s nice, flashy cars are nice, second homes are nice, vacations are nice. As I’m sure posers are really very … nice. blah. blah. blah.

All these things come with money, but also handed down in inheritance is the “poser” gene. It’s part and parcel of being firmly entrenched in the upper-middle class or the lower-high class (if there is such a thing) is to look down upon those with less money. It’s not necessarily a conscious decision to deride less wealthy folks, it’s a learned behavior.

“Keep to your class and everything will work out right” is a mantra for all those Stepford Wives (and their mothers) in the ‘burbs looking for a penthouse in the city. “Marry up and everything will be better” is a crock. Just ask Anna Nicole Smith.

Posers look for chances to make clear their differences. For example, a poser will always order last and usually a tier above. That means if a group gets together for beers, everyone orders a Budweiser, the poser will likely order either a Sam Adams (signifies blue-blood) or a Heineken (albeit a lesser status import buy signifies a cosmopolitan edifice).

Posers are OK until the bill comes. Watch out. They’ll try and give you the shaft when the “divvies” come around.

Know any posers?

Tell me about ’em ….

Vail Colorado

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