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flatlander: Send us your videos

Austin Richardson

The Vail Daily is developing a “web-first culture” for a new era in journalism. What this means to the reader is that news will be available as soon as possible, not waiting for morning editions to arrive in newspaper boxes. Generally, Vail Daily news is available on the site the day before the paper comes out.

Our community is becoming web-savvy in a big hurry. From school-kids blogging and hawking MySpace without abandon to baby boomers doing the “one-finger” on keyboards, our need for news won’t diminish it will simply change in the mode of delivery.

The newsroom is shifting a little to become more modern, focused on readers who don’t necessarily pick up a newspaper every day. More and more readers are peering into our community from afar. We are gearing up for those readers by providing breaking news and continued, packaged coverage of events and trends readers want to know about.

Those eyes will become pervasive in the next few years as the baby boomers scope out new places to buy second homes, eventually living there. Many of those homes haven’t been built here in the Vail Valley, but they will be built.

What that means to the newspaper is being dynamic. Our new full-time residents will come from metropolitan areas and will expect more from their newspapers than ever before.

One of the ways newspapers will adapt to their new readers will be interaction. This interaction will come primarily from the web. With pre-sold “broadband ready” homes popping up all over the valley floor, our community will get its news from http://www.vaildaily.com.

Eventually, the web will drive the print product. Community journalism will take on a whole new face when readers actually do their own reporting and news-gathering.

The advantage of the website are the video and audio portions. Reader-submitted videos and pod casts are quite compelling. Newspapers will provide forums for community members to have a voice, even more so because the voice will be their own, and not filtered through a reporter.

So, this is a call. We’re looking for videos (please send us Quicktime formats no more than 5 MB) and ideas for more.

Send them to arichardson@vaildaily.com

Austin Richardson is the Web Editor for the Vail Daily.

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