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flatlander:Reform? How about enforcement


Say no to “immigration reform.”

Granting illegal aliens amnesty is like letting people into a movie theater through the back door without paying for a ticket and sitting in front of those who paid full price. Worse yet, it’s like the theater manager watching people come in through a back door, sit down, and not do anything about it.

It’s wrong and promotes weakness.

Call your Senator today and beg him to not pass this “legislation.” We need enforcement, not amnesty.

No other country in the world allows illegal immigrants. People found without papers, or expired papers, go to jail and are deported. That’s it. If they come back and are caught, they go to prison. And not the $30,000 per prisoner, get your education, learn how to be a better criminal, softball games, weightlifting, prison either … they go to a rat hole and hard labor and subsistence rations.

Our lenient American society will be overrun should this legislation be passed. We already provide health care for illegal aliens just showing up either pregnant or on the verge of death at no cost to them. Just think of how many illegals would flow from our southern borders should we be tricked into allowing amnesty. It would be chaos.

Think it’s hard to pay for health insurance now? Just wait until one-third of the country’s populace demands free health care, based simply on the fact that they’ve “never paid for it before, so why shouldn’t stupid Americans pay for us now?” Illegals are told to simply “go to the emergency room, the people there will help you whether you have money or not …. it’s free.”

The reason why all of this is happening now is because of approval ratings from the White House. Presently, the powers-that-be need to deflect any light from a failing insurgency in the Middle East. Bush might even veto an immigrant amnesty bill (one he supported not long ago) just to get the positive press, making his folly in Iraq seem not so bad.

The reason why they’re called illegal immigrants is because they are in the country illegally. Do we honestly need workers who send more than half their wages to Mexico? Illegal immigrants provide Mexico with more money than their actual economy. And Mexico is lawless, except for the fact that if someone is in their country illegally, they go to jail. Not like here, where Americans are nice (read gullible) and just let illegal immigrants go about their business.

Need jobs for those Americans everyone says, “are too good for the work illegals perform”, give them training, a badge and start rounding up illegals. Those not suited for law enforcement, give them jobs constructing detention facilities.

Some would say, “yes.” But they would never say it in front of anyone who could prosecute them. It’s all our own fault. Our companies hire illegals.

It’s the American Dream, of course. Start a business, hire the cheapest possible labor and drain as much money out of your clients as possible. The real reason being the new truck you can afford by only having to pay a few folks’ health insurance. Oh yeah, and when your new hire (complete with fake IDs) falls from the roof and injures himself, send him to the emergency room. You can thank the high-minded doctors and lawyers for your ever-increasing health insurance bills.

It’s been written that 11 million illegals would be given citizenship. What a joke! Should this legislation pass, the real number would be more like 30 million.

Another factor in this proposed “Amnesty” will be a rise in American Nationalism. And we all know where that will lead …

Go back in history to the end of WW I and ask a native German.

Vail Colorado

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