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Flow Tribe drop flavor explosions in Vail Valley

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – It’s not often a band can say they’ve had both nuns and strippers getting down at the same show, but for New Orleans band Flow Tribe, who will be in the Vail Valley Saturday, that’s just another night.

“Living in New Orleans, you never know what you’re gonna get,” said K.C. O’Rorle, the band’s singer and trumpet player.

O’Rorle and five other childhood friends make up Flow Tribe – Blake Quick on guitar and vocals, Chad Penot on bass and vocals, Bryan Santos on guitar, Russell Olschner on drums and Michael Early on harmonica, percussion and vocals.

The band fuses psychedelic blues with funk and rock. They will perform a free show at Main St. Grill in Edwards Saturday night with friends and fellow musicians Frogs Gone Fishin’. While they primarily play originals, Flow Tribe occasionally throws in a few “gems that aren’t our own,” O’Rorle said. “Our shows are flavor explosions, something for everyone.”

1. Vail Daily: Describe your sound for me.

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K.C. O’Rorle: Fat-bottomed beats mixed with second line soul. Back breaking, flip switching, funk.

2. VD: Have you played in Vail before?

KO: It’s our first time in Vail. First time in Colorado even. We’ve been busy busting earholes throughout the Southeast.

3. VD: When did you guys get your start? Is it still the original lineup?

KO: It was very organic. We all met in high school and gradually came together through cosmically connected circumstances. This is the original lineup.

4. VD: The band started as a collaboration between high school buddies. Are you guys still as good of friends as you were in the beginning?

KO: Oh most definitely. We all live together in the Flow Manor in New Orleans. We’re basically a sound beast with six heads.

5. VD: Tell me how Hurricane Katrina affected the band?

KO: Katrina made us realize what was important. We all lost something during the hurricane, but we gained a new sense of commitment to each other and to the city we love. It changed everything and put what’s real into focus.

6. VD: How did you meet the guys from Frogs Gone Fishin who you’ll be playing with Saturday?

KO: The Frogs were based in New Orleans and we always dug their stuff. When we starting putting the tour together, we remembered they were based out of Colorado and hit them up. Great guys, we’re stoked to be playing with them.

7. VD: What can people expect from your show?

KO: People can expect a dynamic, high energy, funktacular that will bring nothing but bizarrely irresistible grooves. We’re excited to be Vail virgins, so ya’ll come out and show us a good time.

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