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Staff Reports

Punched for poolA patron of a bar in Avon was “cold cocked” in the face by another man on Nov. 2. Apparently the two had a disagreement over the use of a pool table, and the suspect punched the victim before fleeing the bar. The victim declined to press charges, and the case is closed.A staring contest at a gas station in Avon led to one man smashing a burrito onto another man’s windshield. The victim drove into the gas station and parked next to where four men were standing, one of whom was eating a burrito. The two exchanged looks, the driver went into the convenience store adjacent to the pumps, and when he returned to his car, the burrito was rubbed all over his windshield.The man called Avon Police and identified the burrito smasher, who was still hanging around. When questioned by the officer, the suspect had difficulty remembering his name and date of birth. He later admitted to the crime and was charged with disorderly conduct and underage consumption.Old GranddadAn intoxicated senior citizen was arrested for harassing patrons of an Avon bus stop on Oct. 30. The man was apparently swearing in Spanish at everyone, offering liquor to minors and throwing and breaking beer bottles.According to Avon Police, the suspect has a long history of public intoxication.

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