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‘Food Freedom, Organics, and The Dangers of GMO’s’ Tuesday in Avon

Vail Daily staff report

This evening, Freedom and Liberty Eagle County; That’s Natural, a Colorado-based company teaching people about how their dollar affects the outcomes of local markets; and GMO Free Colorado join forces to explore and expose the FDA’s, USDA’s and big corporations’ involvement in your food production.

Despite public outcry, on March 26, President Barack Obama signed into law a continuing budget resolution that included the controversial biotech rider that critics call “The Monsanto Protection Act.”

The rider requires the United States Department of Agriculture to approve the harvest and sale of crops from genetically modified seed, even if a court has ruled the environmental studies on the crop inadequate.

Dropped into the bill by an anonymous senator, Section 735 of HR 933 states that the federal court cannot stop or intervene when GMO (genetically modified organisms) crops are planted or sold by biotech companies.

“We are excited to come together putting aside our political positions, labels, and agendas in order to awaken our community and expose this atrocity,” said Steve Taylor of Freedom and Liberty Eagle County. “We are dedicated to bringing real change on issues adversely affecting us all — not Republicans, Democrats, or Libertarians, but ‘We the People.'”

To learn how to take back your food freedom aligning with local organic food vendors to do so, plan to attend this life-empowering event “Food Freedom, Organics, and The Dangers of GMO’s” today at Montana’s Cantina and Grill in Avon. Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. For additional information contact Steve Taylor at steve@saxxmantrading.com or 970-390-7692.

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