Food Network takes over Beaver Creek |

Food Network takes over Beaver Creek

Daily Staff Report

BEAVER CREEK – Food Network gets those competitive juices flowing with Food Network Challenge. Every month, this series takes viewers to food battles around the world.Food Network will tape two pastry competitions Feb. 1-2 at Beaver Creek Resort, with the winners each receiving a $10,000 prize. Each challenge is free and open to the public for viewing.The first competition is the Cake Relay at the Vilar Center for the Arts in Beaver Creek Feb. 1 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Ten separate professional cake decorators will be paired off into five two-person teams. They will be asked to decorate a cake and interpret a theme that will be given to them on the morning of the competition. This competition will be relay-style: one teammate will work on the cake for one hour, while their teammate is in another room. At the end of the hour, the teammates will switch places. The competition will continue as such until the last hour, when the two teammates will finish the cake together. The winning team receives $10,000.The second contest is the Sugar Showdown at the Vilar Center Feb. 2 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Four competitors will compete in a three-tiered sugar showpiece competition and must interpret the assigned theme – “The Great Outdoors” – throughout all three pieces. There will be three rounds where different elements must be incorporated into the showpiece. After each round, one competitor will be eliminated until there is one pastry chef left standing as the winner, receiving $10,000.Events are open to the public for viewing and admission is free. Guests are encouraged to park in the free day skier lots at the base of the resort and ride the free shuttle to Beaver Creek Village. For more information on Food Network Challenge, call Beaver Creek Information at 845-9090. Vail, Colorado

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