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Food the Vail Valley craves

Caramie Schnell
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Vail DailyLarkburger in Edwards is a Vail Valley craving

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –A Vail Valley food craving can range from a fleeting thought to a full-fledged ache deep inside your stomach. There are a few things I crave – the carnita taco salad from Fiesta’s, almost any of the Bookworm crepes, the Captain Crunch French toast from Westside Cafe. When the urge hits, almost nothing else will do.

Turns out you feel the same way.

I asked a handful of people about the food they adore from local restaurants – you know, the things they MUST eat when they come back from a long vacation – and got a whole lotta response. Read on to find out what your friends/neighbors/lovers/strangers dream about when their stomach starts a rumblin’. Who knows, you might even discover a new must-try meal.

“I dream about the mushroom pizza from Avondale when I’m out of town and when I’m at my apartment just a few miles away. The combination of the truffle oil, ricotta and mushrooms is amazing.”

– Meredith Richards, Eagle-Vail

“When I first moved to Eagle I really missed being able to go get sushi at Sato and then a friend told me about ‘Eagle sushi,’ which can be found at Grand Avenue Grill. It is really called ahi tuna bruschetta and it’s an appetizer on the menu. It is raw ahi tuna with avocado, ginger and wasabi, on a fried wonton chip. This is also what I crave when I am dieting and what I reward myself with.”

– Carolyn Gash, Eagle

“This may not help, since it’s no longer, but I crave Bagali’s pizza with spinach, potatoes, bacon and gorgonzola.”

– Cassie Pence, Eagle-Vail

“It is funny how our taste buds connect to location. When we travel back east to Long Island, we always have to go to the Mediterranean Snack Bar in Huntington to walk past the gigantor basket of tomatoes in the window and eat as much Greek food as possible. When we come home to the valley, I crave the fries from either Larkspur or Larkburger. Or the mushroom pizza at Avondale with a dirty martini.”

– Julie Norberg, Avon

“Something I cannot ever get enough of is the beef tartare app at Vin48. I could seemingly order it every time I go there. The combination of flavors from the poached quail egg, capers and lemon butter sauce is near perfection. I’m in the clean plate club every time with this dish.”

–Kevin Lawrence, Edwards

“I always need to hit up Vin48 for happy hour … the carrot cake for dessert is the perfect indulgence. You can fool yourself into thinking it’s good for you.”

– Besse Lynch, Minturn

“Typically it’s Campo di Fiori. I miss their mushroom ravioli or penne ala vodka. If not, I love Up the Creek. It’s a great lunch spot with the best scallops in Vail and fantastic homemade gelato.”

– Parvati Ramchandani, Eagle-Vail

“I miss and crave yellowtail sashimi and the osaki roll from Osaki’s in Vail Village. Unique flavors – ponzu, jalapeno, yellowtail and both tempura and raw tuna with a Japanese mint leaf. I haven’t been able to get my fix yet! I also miss Dish, Avondale, Larkburger and Eat! Drink!”

– Liana Moore, Edwards

“I feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs anytime someone says Larkburger. That place rocks, right down to those delicious milkshakes. Even our kids need a fix when we’ve been away for a few weeks.

Quite a few chefs in the valley just can’t get enough of Gohan-Ya so we followed suit and I tell you, we’ve been converted. We love love love the gyozas and the tempura shrimp. The beef terriyaki bowls are so yummy – sort of addicting.”

– Jana Morgan, Edwards

“Pazzo’s three-cheese calazone with jalapenos and a Greek salad.”

– Char Quinn, McCoy

“I would say Moe’s … it’s the best barbecue! We were just talking about having it for lunch today. There is always the perfect amount of sauce/pork ratio. Also, the banana pudding is the perfect ending. We ride our bikes to Lionshead in the summer to pick up lunch for the gallery all the time.”

– Courtney Shaw, Edwards

“I love e-town hamburgers. I had one Sunday before I left. Also one of my favs is Agave chips and salsa!”

– Jenny Austin, Edwards

“I crave Route 6 Cafe’s Route 6 Omelet, which is the perfect blend of braised chicken, goat cheese, spinach and tomato. The morning after returning from a trip, when there is absolutely nothing edible left in my refrigerator for breakfast, a trip to the Route 6 is always in order.”

– Cortni O’Brien, Eagle-Vail

“For me, if I’m gone a long time, I crave Moe’s BBQ, specifically their version of the poor boy with fried shrimp and sauce, sweet potato casserole and cornbread. I also miss Larkburger – the truffle burger with no cheese and truffle and parmesan fries. Yummmm.

– Jamie Gunion, West Vail

“The portobello chicken salad at the Gore Range Brewery and the steak bites at the Main St. Grill.”

– Stacey Jones, Edwards

“I’ve been complaining about not getting Westside Cafe’s crab cake benedict and bloody mary’s since I got here.

I’m also craving:

• The quiche (with walnut pesto dressing on the salad) and Linzer cookie from Columbine Bakery. I will always and forever love a restaurant that insists you have dessert with lunch.

•-Chocolate fondue from the Swiss Chalet … Oh, who am I kidding, I miss the cheese fondue, too.

• The Greek salad and the breakfast sandwich on foccacia (bread) with peppers and onions from Avon Bakery.”

– Nicole Frey, Vail native who is living in South Korea

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