Fools rush into Minturn |

Fools rush into Minturn

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It’s times like these war and a bad economy when foolish behavior might be just the right antidote for social anxiety.In Minturn the historic railroad town just down the road from Vail a few merchants ganged up last year to launch the town’s first-ever Foolish Day Parade in the shadow of post-9/11 angst. Now it’s time for the second annual event.”Saturday, March 29, we need foolish participants for the parade,” says event organizer and shop owner Georgette Van Buren. “The parade starts at the Turntable Restaurant parking lot at 11 a.m. Participants need to be at the parking lot no later than 10:30 a.m., dressed like fools.”Van Buren owns and operates Eagle River Trading Company on Minturn’s Main Street. From her shop last year a parade of fools ranging from a walking outhouse to a stilted mystery man could be seen strolling down the town’s main drag. In all, Van Buren says there were nearly 50 fools in the parade.More than 100 spectators, including part-time Cordillera resident Ian Ziering of Beverly Hills 90210 fame, were estimated to have joined in the fun.This year’s parade might not of happened if Minturn Police Chief Lorenzo Martinez had not expressed interest in keeping the event alive. Martinez lives in town and has an affinity for promoting the small mountain community. He told Van Buren he missed last year’s parade and would like to see a repeat.So far Van Buren says a handful of last year’s fools have committed to march in the parade. But an RSVP to join the foolish march is not necessary. She says people just need to show up at the restaurant parking lot and get in line Saturday, March 29.The parade will follow Main Street south through town, swing up Mann Street and back down Main Street, ending at the parking lot between Eagle River Trading and Antique Accents with a block party that will include live music.

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