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For Eagle River Station

Chris Emmer
Eagle, CO, Colorado

My wife and I moved to Eagle 22 years ago. We work in this community, raise our three children in this community and have made lifelong friends in this community.

We have seen enormous change over the years, some of it good and some of it not so good.

Years ago, I was opposed to nearly any growth on our end of the valley. I felt at home in the quietness of Eagle and enjoyed the simplicity of a time when connecting with my kids was as easy as walking with them to the Eagle Pharmacy for the “world’s best” slushy or camping in the backyard and counting shooting stars.

I was saddened to see our neighbors’ grocery store go out of business when City Market came to town. I felt a great loss of community when the new athletic complex was built and drew all the ball games and camaraderie of our teams “way out” to the fairgrounds. I was annoyed by the sights and sounds of the airlines making daily flights over our town on their approach to the airport.

These are just three examples of growth and development that I didn’t fully appreciate at the time, but I now understand how important they are to the current and future health of our town.

I still enjoy the relative simplicity of Eagle and have to wonder if those opposed to the Eagle River Station project are being very shortsighted regarding the long-term vitality of our town.

I understand that nearly all of us want to

preserve the small-town feel of Eagle, but I respectfully disagree with the argument that, if built,

Eagle River Station will be the demise of Eagle’s character.

One way or another, the town of Eagle will have to significantly increase its tax revenues just to preserve the streets, parks and sidewalks we already have, not to mention the need to pay for much-needed infrastructure improvements like water and sewer treatment.

I commend the town trustees for their sensitivities and the diligent manner in which they are handling the ERS project. If built, their hard work and efforts will be rewarded by a project that will help preserve our town for the long term without raising our taxes or eliminating services.

Eagle’s future would be well served if Eagle River Station were approved.

Chris Emmer


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