For Eagle River Station |

For Eagle River Station

Paul Illyess
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I’m actually in support of allowing the Eagle River Station.

With the economic situation that we are in currently, I think the added jobs from tradesmen building this project would help our local economy. Plus it would help keep more money in Eagle and Eagle County.

As it is now, I tend to go west to Glenwood to shop. That’s tax money leaving our city and county.

I believe Eagle will eventually keep growing no matter what, so allow this to be built. Either a town grows or it dies.

I feel this is positive growth that will bring jobs during construction and once they are completed you’ll have more jobs created for those new businesses.

Housing is still a huge need in this area anyways. I’m sorry, but if the average person picks up the paper and sees a lock-off going for $1,000 dollars a month, they’re not going to move here.

With more housing being built, this will force more reasonable rentals and housing.

I support this project.

Paul Illyess


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