For the love of a bagel |

For the love of a bagel

Wren Wertin

For the second consecutive week, a breakfast item has inspired And it was good. Maybe our defenses are down first thing in the morning, and as we slog our way to our jobs we feel especially grateful to anything that helps us get through those first couple hours. Or maybe breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

Thanks to Geoff Dew of the Avon Rec Center, who answered the call for Good. He writes:

I first came to this valley as a breakfast skipper, fresh from college where meals before noon were unheard of. In college I was not used to needing fuel but I finally arrived in a fast paced environment where energy was crucial. I tried eating cereal before work, but it didn’t take. I tried eggs but they took too long to prepare.

I was a breakfast mess, skipping often and losing weight fast. I was then introduced to a place right around the corner in Beaver Creek called On The Fly. My office-mate Dan took me there and on the way told me about a breakfast food I had a hard time picturing, a bagel with an odd combination of cream cheese, tomato and bacon – healthy and yet not healthy. I was intrigued and had my first CBT on a sesame bagel. I was hooked, from that point on I never skipped breakfast again.

After a good number of CBTs I got my weight back up (probably my cholesterol too). I cannot describe the impact that combination of bacon, cream cheese and tomato had on me. Since then I’ve got a new job off the mountain away from my CBT, and indulge less often. However I just found out the same people opened Mountain Burger in Avon, just around the corner within walking distance. And believe it or not their breakfast menu has a CBT. I tried one and it was good.

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