For the love of ‘Watching People Dance’ in Avon |

For the love of ‘Watching People Dance’ in Avon

Charlie Owen
Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado – No, it’s not a quartet of Motown enthusiasts, although the name does sound like that’s exactly what it could be. Instead, the Motet is an ever-evolving and revolving cast of musicians from Lyons, near Boulder, that have only one objective: To make you dance.

Founding member and band cornerstone Dave Watts said that the size of the band at a certain show depends on the venue, and the sound they’re going for that particular evening. That means on any given night The Motet might have as many as 13 players on the stage, or as few as five.

Watts, who writes all the band’s music, plays the drums and does a slew of other tasks, like marketing and setting up gigs, to keep the band running. Running the band is a lot of work, but clearly worth it to him.

time soon, Watts said it would happen when the time is right.

“I know what it takes and once I get started I can’t stop, it’s an obsession,” he said. “I know better than to try and start something like that when I got all this other stuff going on.”

The Motet play Agave in Avon tonight, and though Watts said he’s never been there, he’s excited about the chance to play a new, smaller venue.

“Colorado’s full of these little small places that are great … sometimes the smaller venues really offer a lot more connection between the players because there’s not as much space on the stage and you’re kind of up in each other’s faces, so energetically it can actually be even better,” he said.

Watts said anyone going to the Agave show should expect lots of high-energy dance music with lots of improvisation. The Motet mixes electronic dance grooves with Afro-beat and jazz improv playing.

“It’s a band led by a drummer and drummers love to watch people dance,” Watts said.

Shannon Scott, manager of Agave, said that locals have been asking her when The Motet were going to play at the venue for a long time now. She can finally give them an answer.

“We are excited to have The Motet bring their world class ensemble to Agave,” Scott said. “Colorado crowds really enjoy dancing to their fusion of jazz, funk and electronic beats.”

The Motet released its latest album last year. Titled “Dig Deep,” its the band’s sixth effort to date.

“I got way more into the studio aspect of being creative as opposed to our earlier albums where I was like ‘OK, these are the songs we play live, let’s recreate them in the studio,'” Watts said.

Watts experimented with new technology that allowed him to record players improv sessions separately then mix and match the recordings to fit in where he thought they should go in the arrangements.

“It was a pretty fun, creative process for me in the studio at 4 in the morning just getting crazy with all the sounds I had to work with,” Watts said.

But as far as a new album from The Motet being released any

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